Unfinished Business


Story by Kye

Written by Kye (additional writing by Chris Cook, Zahir al-Daoud and CN Winters)

Directed by Kye and CN Winters

Produced by CN Winters

Edited by Angie Wilson

Sound by CSR

Art Direction by Chris Cook

Artists - Chris Cook, Zahir al-Daoud, Rob, Sarah, Humaira, CN Winters



Fade In:


Bucharest, Romania – Deep Woods – Night

The heavy rainfall pounded down onto the soggy earth as the sound of footsteps rapidly approached.

A dragonfly flew over a large puddle and settled peacefully onto the water’s surface. Then suddenly, a heavy boot stomped into the puddle, crushing the dragonfly beneath its force.

The thunder resounded overhead and a flash of lightning illuminated the worn and ragged features of Kadin Van Helsing.

Cut to:


Cleveland, Ohio – Dark Alley – Same Time

"Car c’est la fête du courage!"

The hunched form of Reteesk moved along the alley with a DVD case clutched in his hand. The title read Hellraiser: Inferno; a store sticker on the case proclaimed "family film." Reteesk’s mouth-tentacles vibrated as he sang.

"C’est la fête des gens de coeur! Allons!-"

The demon rounded a corner, and the fleshy ridges above his wide-spaced eyes rose in surprise.

"En garde?"

Cut to:


Bucharest, Romania – Deep Woods – Same Time

A dark, black figure sat perched upon an abandoned cottage.

It sat with its legs crossed and its hands resting lightly in its lap. It remained completely motionless as it sat with its eyes closed, apparently in deep concentration.

A sudden bolt of lightning flashed overhead to illuminate its manly features and its jet-black hair. The lightning vanished as quickly as it appeared and the dark figure of the man slowly opened its eyes.

They glowed a deep red, the only thing visible in the pitch black of the night.

Cut to:


Bucharest, Romania – Deep Woods – Moments Later

Kadin stood directly in the puddle as the rain fell steadily from above. She took a few moments to compose herself as she let out a deep breath and slumped over, placing her hands on her knees. She closed her eyes and breathed rapidly as the rain steadily flowed down over her face, washing away the dirt and blood.

A sudden sound of a breaking branch caught her attention and she jerked her head to the right. She tried to blink the rain out of her eyes as she stared into the darkness of the woods.

The wind suddenly shifted and a black figure came flying out of the woods. Kadin’s eyes grew wide and she barely managed to drop onto her stomach to avoid the hurtling figure. She watched as it flew over her head before kicking out its feet and pushing off of a nearby tree.

The hunter put her hands down into the cool mud and struggled to push herself onto her feet, but before she could make it, a hard black boot landed in the middle of her back.

Kadin let out a moan of pain as she was forced face first into the mud.

The dark figure slowly leaned down with its foot still on her back to whisper into her ear.

"It’s hopeless," the deep, manly voice whispered. "You can not escape him. You cannot defeat him. He is the All Powerful One."

Kadin let out a deep breath and forced her body and her mind to become one.

"Maybe so," she said as she gripped a huge handful of mud. "But you? You’re just an errand boy, his personal lap dog."

The dark figure let out an enraged roar and grabbed Kadin by the back of her shirt. He lifted her effortlessly into the air with one arm.

Kadin stared down into his yellow gold eyes and watched as his features grew deeper into their vampire visage.

The vampire smiled and licked his lips. "I will not kill you. He would not be pleased, but…he never said that we couldn’t have a little…taste."

The vampire slowly leaned into Kadin’s neck and she saw it as her moment. The hunter lifted her hand up and threw the mud right into his eyes. He let out a strangled roar and threw Kadin to the side as if she were no more than a rag doll.

Her body twisted into the air and she slammed into a nearby tree. Her body remained slumped against it for a few short moments, before she lifted her hand up to her side. She let out a strangled moan of pain and pushed herself back off the tree, falling to the ground with a heavy thud.

She looked over to see the vampire still struggling to get the mud out of his eyes. She tried to sit up, but the pain was too great. Instead, she just lifted her left hand to her right side and wrapped it around the huge broken branch protruding from it.

With a loud moan of pain, Kadin painstakingly pulled the embedded branch from deep within her flesh and tossed it aside. When she pulled her hand away, it was stained a deep red with her own blood.

She was only able to stare down at it for a moment before she suddenly felt herself being lifted into the air once again.

"For that," the vampire said leaning in close, "you will suffer."

He stared at the open display of pain on Kadin’s face and smiled. The hunter felt the rage boiling up inside of her and she used it to gather her strength.

"Bite me," she said menacingly before spitting her own blood into the vampire’s face, causing him to release his grip on her.

The vampire stumbled back slightly and wiped the blood from his face. Just as he regained his balance, he looked up to see the flying body of the monster hunter come crashing into his own.

Kadin tumbled over the vampire and leaped to her feet the best she could in her injured state. The vampire slammed his fists down onto the cold mud and jumped to his feet with a deep growl.

"I’m losing my patience," he said taking a few steps closer. He dropped his coat to reveal his huge muscled arms.

"What do you know? We have something in common," Kadin said as she covertly lifted her leg behind her back and slipped the small silver stake with a wooden tip from her boot.

The vampire let out a deep, throaty laugh. "Pity I can’t keep you myself. You’d make a lovely pet."

Kadin just smirked as she pulled the stake from behind her back and held it up so he could see it. "The pet of a lap dog? I’ll pass on that offer."

The vampire growled and started to leap forward, but Kadin was quicker.

The monster hunter managed to flip over the vampire’s charging body, sending him bouncing off a nearby tree. She landed on the ground with a hard smack but didn’t pause a moment as she threw the stake through the air. She watched as the vampire stood frozen with the stake imbedded in its back before turning to dust.

The hunter let out a long deep breath and fell back to the ground completely exhausted. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply for a few moments before opening them again. Her left hand was resting beside her head, the glint of silver on her middle finger catching her eye.

She lay there staring at the ring as she felt herself becoming weak from the loss of blood.

"Kennedy," she whispered low and somehow managed to gather the strength to push herself to her feet. She gripped her bleeding side tightly as she gathered her stake and started to stumble out of the woods, towards the lights of the city.

Cut to:


Bucharest, Romania – Abandoned Cottage Roof – Moments Later

The dark figure of the man slowly opened its red eyes. He stared off into the night for a few silent moments before slowly floating off the rooftop as if he were weightless.

"Interesting," he said in a low, husky voice. The sinister smile reappeared on his face and then he vanished into thin air.


End of Teaser
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