Auld Lang Syne


Story by CN Winters and Zahir al Daoud

Written by CN Winters and Dan Joslyn (additional writing by Susan Carr)

Produced and Directed by CN Winters

Edited by DragonWriter17

Sounds by CSR

Art Direction by Robert Kidman

Artists Ė Robert Kidman, CN Winters, Zahir al Daoud, Isis, Mattxxx, and Humaira


Fade In:


Greek Island Ė Docks Ė Day

Jeff and Lorinda walked down the plank of the small boat to the dock.

"This is sooo cool," Lorinda said, excited. "Iíve never been to Greece. Heck, Iíve never been outside the U.S.Öunless you count Canada, but really, who counts Canada? Itís right across the lake back home for Peteís sake," she rambled.

Lorinda was all smiles, but Jeff appeared distracted. He looked around the seaport in various directions. Fixing his eyes on one spot, he motioned Lorinda to follow him.

"This way," was all he said.

"Lighten up, Jeff," Lorinda said as she tagged along. "This should be a fun trip."

"You need to stay focused," Jeff replied. "This isnít a holiday pleasure cruise."

"Well, technically New Yearís is a holiday," she retorted.

"When I say Ďholiday,í I mean a vacation," Jeff said, "Remember, weíre working here."

They walked a few more paces. "So whereís this priest guy anyway?" Lorinda asked.

"His church isnít too far from the docks," Jeff answered. "He said take the second street from the right, so Iím assuming this is the way."

"Didnít he give you an address? We could ask one of the locals. If we tell them weíre from the Watchers Council andó" Lorinda replied but was cut off my Jeffís cupped hands over her mouth.

He quickly removed his hand. "He wants to keep this quiet, which means we canít be blabbing about the Council," he explained as he lowered his voice on the word ĎCouncilí. "Weíll find him, donít worry. Come on," he added.

Cut To:


Cleveland Ė Hopkins International Airport Ė Day

Altheneaís smile widened as she watched Rowena and Willow talking to each other. Rowena looked over first and spotted the raven-haired witch. She nodded toward Althenea and motioned with her hand, making Willow look over. The smile grew only larger as the two waiting women also smiled.

"Itís been ages since Iíve seen you," Althenea teased as she pulled Rowena into an embrace.

"Itís been a few weeks," Rowena corrected her.

"Maybe it just feels like forever," Althenea replied. She turned to Willow. "Now, it has been quite some time since Iíve seen you," she added.

Willow pulled her into a tight hug. "I just want to go on record and say I donít think this is necessary," she began. "But Iím ultra happy to see you."

"Point taken," Althenea replied. 

"So, what's on your agenda tonight huh?" Rowena asked.

"Nothing except spending time with my two dear friends," Althenea answered.

"Well, one dear friend, actually," Rowena replied, causing a confused look on Altheneaís face as Willow nodded. "We got a call about a hell hound or something around Detroit, so Iím heading out to investigate it shortly. However, I plan to make the most of the time that I have," she told her.

"Well then, lead the way," Althenea said as she motioned toward the exit.

Cut To:


Greek Church Ė Moments Later

Jeff and Lorinda approached a man in a collar who stood sweeping the steps of the church with a broom.

When Jeff came within a few yards, the priest stopped his task and made his way down the stairs, moving toward Jeff.

"Father Niko Makros?" he began. "Iím Jeff Lindquist, and this is my slayer Lorinda." The Father nodded and then began to quickly speak in Greek. "Whoa! One minute," Jeff said, holding his hands in front of them. He held up one finger and then produced an electronic dictionary from his back pocket.

Lorinda rolled her eyes as Jeff and the man gathered around the device. She slowly made her way off toward a graveyard that sat on the side of the church.

She walked around the tombstones, looking at the names. She tried to read one of them out loud.

"Pap-a-dop-o-lis?" she muttered. "Jeez, Iíd get a headache living here with these goofy names."

She walked a few more steps, looking at the grave markers, and then stopped in her tracks. Her mouth began to open, but no sound came out. She moved down to her knees to reveal that the name she was looking at was her very own.

It read: "Lorinda Covington 1791-1807."

"Holy crap," she muttered.

Fade Out.

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