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Katie’s trial for Cowardice in Battle has come to an end, and she is found not guilty.  Jo embraces her happily afterwards. 

Later, Travers shows a video to Giles that pictures him and Jo and Katie after the trial.  Lisa Lance tries to get a comment out of Katie about her not guilty verdict, but Giles intervenes.  Lance tries to snag Giles as well, but Giles claims that he will not comment on an internal matter of the Council.  Lance asks how it can be an internal matter when the lives of humanity are daily in the hands of the Council.  Travers demands to know that Giles intends to do about the media war against the Council. 

Eris, Tyrell, and Rayne also watch Lance’s report.  Eris congratulates Tyrell on his plan to hurt the Council’s public image.  Tyrell hints that it’s only the beginning.  Eris reports that she’s meeting with Senator Townsend tomorrow and that he can be persuaded to see things their way.  When Eris asks what’s next in the plan, Tyrell just says cryptically that the Council is about to suffer a major set back.

In a cemetery in Ireland, a cocky young slayer named Finola is going up against a large reptilian demon while her watcher, Mrs. Blair, well, watches.  Finola is having a little difficulty slaying the beast, earning her a few teases from her watcher.  Finola assures her watcher she’ll handle the demon, but suddenly she is hit by strange head rush.  When she recovers and attempts to attack the demon, she finds her slayer strength gone and herself royally screwed.

Back at the Council HQ in Cleveland, Livia is lifting weights near some sparring slayers.  Livia teases Jenn, who complains about how overworked all the slayers are because of all the bad press.  Jenn hints that it’s Katie’s fault, but does so in a whisper because Brianna, Katie’s best friend, is nearby.  Livia says that’s what happens when you get mixed up in magic.  Brianna calls Livia on her implication that Katie was at fault for what happened recently.  Livia starts to retort but suddenly finds herself unable to lift the weight that she had just been able to lift.  Velika interrupts calling Livia to her office.  When Livia tries the weight again, she is able to lift it fine.

Later, the Scooby gang meets at the demon bar at James’s request.  Once everyone is there (all except Toni, who’s busy piloting a flight), James explains why he’s called the meeting.  He’s found the security breach: it’s a spy program tied into the Council’s own security system.  Unfortunately, he’s been unable to track the spy’s location due to a difficult encryption.  They have two options: Leave the spy program in place until James can crack its encryption or Disable the program.  After discussion, Giles decides to leave the spy program in place for a little longer to give James time to crack it.  He also instructs James to create a fail-safe by which they can instantly cut the spy program off in the event of an emergency.  Jo suggests that he do that by a simulated security-grid failure so that the spy won’t suspect.  After the meeting is over, Katie and Jo join Mira and Livia.  Katie asks them if they’re excited about the slayer-magic-suitability testing tomorrow.  Livia gives a cold No and leaves.  Mira says she’s excited about it, but apologizes for Livia’s abruptness.  Katie tells Mira that they both have a reason to be mad at her, but Mira says she knows it wasn’t Katie’s fault and assures Katie that Livia will come around.

Mira runs to catch up to Livia.  Once she does, she calls Livia on her rude behavior.  She asks Livia why she’s still so mad.  She asks Livia, “If I can forgive her, why can’t you?”  Livia seems torn.  She merely says that she takes it personally when someone hurts one of her slayers.

Meanwhile, in Washington, Eris meets with Senator Townsend and gives him a data rod containing a proposal for Hubris to take over the Human Defense Treaty.

Later, at Jo’s apartment, Jo and Katie have some quality snuggle time.  Jo apologizes once again for letting her anger go on so long.  Katie suggests that they put the past behind them and focus on the now, spending time together and really getting to know one another.  Jo suggests that Katie move in with her, but Katie wants to take things slowly.

The next day, Giles is pleased with Jo’s plan to test slayers for magic suitability, which will begin that day.  Giles adds that he’s taking a lot of heat and the magic reintegration plan is the key to everything.  Jo assures him that all will go well.

As Livia and Mira wait for their turn to be tested for magic suitability, Mira says that she thinks the magic reintegration is a good plan; she fully supports the notion of having an extra weapon in her arsenal.  Livia claims that magic is dangerous and that it should stay outlawed; besides, the slayers are doing fine without it.  When Katie steps out and calls Livia in, Mira tells Livia to be nice.

Once inside the lab, Katie senses Livia’s nervousness and suggests that Livia be tested by Jo instead.  Livia waves off that idea and tells Katie she’s okay with the test and with her.  Katie tells Livia that she doesn’t have to submit to testing, but Livia says she does because Velika expects her to set an example.

After the testing, Mira asks Livia how it went, but Livia says she doesn’t want to talk about it.  Mira excitedly goes in her testing.

Later, at slayer debriefing, Velika gives a report on an eight-foot-tall, bat-like demon that has been sighted.  She assigns the mission to Mira and Livia, who leave to get started.

Later, Lisa Lance pounces on Giles when he comes out of the Council HQ.  He refuses to talk to her, but she persists, telling him that she wants him to come on her show.  She says that this will be his chance to tell the Council’s side of the story.  Giles refuses, but Lance still gives him her card.

At lunch, Giles tells Veronica about his encounter with Lance and what she wanted.  Veronica warns him sternly against having any dealings with that shark of a reporter.  Giles seems convinced that Lance is sincere. 

After lunch, Giles calls Lance and agrees to go on her show.  After they end their call, Lance immediately calls Tyrell and tell him that Giles took the bait.

That night, Livia and Mira are out on patrol, hunting the bat-demon.  They discuss their magic testing.  Mira is disgusted that her test came back negative.  Livia is unhappy that hers came back positive.  Before they can discuss the matter further, the bat-like demon rushes at them, carrying a large golden knife.  Another of the demons closely follows.  Livia and Mira engage the two demons.  Mid-fight, Livia gets a sudden head rush and gets swiped by the demon.  She retaliates, but finds that her slayer power is gone.  The demon takes her down and clamps its jaws around her shoulder.  While Mira holds her own, other bat-like demons arrive, attack the other demons, until the entire clan finally runs away.  The golden knife is left behind as they flee.  Mira runs to Livia’s side, reports to HQ that a slayer is down, and tries to stop the bleeding.  Before she passes out, Livia whispers a cryptic, “It’s gone." 

Meanwhile Lex is at his apartment calling Toni.  They say how much they miss each other.  Lex attempts to engage in a little naughty talk, but Toni chastises him, saying he’s going to get her in trouble.  She promises to be home in a couple of days, and they share I-love-you’s.

Veronica and High Commander Lucretia Upton come dragging out of a committee meeting.  They both frown when Travers comes their way.  Travers tells them that Giles is doing a live interview with Lisa Lance.  Right after Veronica calls Giles an idiot, all of their links go off nearly simultaneously.  They all rush off.

Meanwhile, in the Infirmary, Velika is doing her best to deal with the chaos of suddenly powerless, injured slayers.  Mira wants to see about Livia, but Dr. McClelland won’t let her in because the surgeons are still working on her.  Velika sees Jenn and orders her to get all the unaffected slayers in the debriefing room.  Then Velika slips into Dr. McClelland’s office to make a call.  She speaks with Watcher Amanda Blair in Ireland, who reports that something similar is happening there.  Velika tries to reassure her, then ends the call when Jenn reports that all the unaffected slayers have been gathered, except for one (Mira).

When Velika starts to leave, she’s run over by Jo, who’s desperately looking for Katie.  Jo goes looking for Katie, and Velika goes to find Mira.

When Jo comes back around, she sees a limping Brianna lead a banged-up Katie through the door.  After a quick hug and kiss, Jo goes to get Dr. McClelland.  He does a quick check of Katie, rules her in non-critical condition, and says to settle in for a long wait.

Velika finds Mira in the surgery observation lounge, still holding the large golden knife she had recovered.  Velika notices that Mira has a bleeding head wound, but when she comments on it to Mira, the slayer just storms out of the room.  Velika wonders where Giles is.

Giles is at the news net studio, completely oblivious to the meltdown occurring at the Council because he’s had to turn off his link.  Lance assures him everything will go fine.

In Chambers, councilors are in an uproar over the news of the slayers losing their powers.  Travers tells everyone to calm down and just focus on the news net program until Velika arrives to update them.

Lance opens the interview by giving Giles a chance to answer some of the criticisms lobbed at the Council.  She seems to be honoring her promise.  But when Giles says that without the slayers there would be no Council, Lance brings up Katie.  Before he can object, Lance shows a video of Katie clips: her shoving Lance away from Jo at the Sisters of Grace Hospital, her fleeing the vampire nest in the abandoned garage, her arrest at Livia’s hands.  When the video was over, Lance attacks Giles with statistics on the increasing numbers of civilian casualties due to demonic activity.  She blasts the Giles’s magic reintegration plan and accuses the Council of not doing all it should and even of secretly allowing certain demons to exist unharmed.  Lance then cuts to a video of Giles entering the demon bar.

In the Council Chambers, Veronica and Lucretia groan in dismay while Travers grins to himself.  Then he jumps up and acts outraged, accusing Giles and ordering a special ops attack on the demon bar.

Back in the studio, Giles attempts to defend the Council, its slayers, and its magic reintegration plan.  While he talks, Lance gets a message in her earpiece.  She interrupts Giles to show a new video, just received.  It shows slayers fighting a demon and mid-fight, the slayers apparently lose their powers.  When Lance confronts Giles with the news that slayers all over the city have lost their powers, Giles leaves at once.

Meanwhile, Council troops attack the demon bar, blowing it up.

Giles calls Velika, who updates him on the situation.  She tells him that not all of the slayers are affected.  Giles says find the common denominator for those unaffected.  She says they’re working on it.  Giles calls James next and orders that fail-safe disabling of the spy program.  When Giles arrives, Travers meets him and tells him he’s finished in the Council; he also tells him the demon bar was taken care of.

Later that night, Giles meets with Jo and Lex and James and Velika.  Velika reports that Dr. McClelland is doing all he can to isolate what’s causing the power loss.  Jo reports that she has found no sign that the power loss is due to a spell.  Giles asks about the original empowerment spell done by Willow Rosenberg 130 years ago, whether or not it could have failed somehow.  Jo says she’ll check with Willowgram.  James reports that the fail-safe spy-block is working fine.  Giles orders Lex to speed up production on the seraphim suits to get as many suited up and on the streets as possible.

Unable to spy on the Council, Rayne curses his machinery for failing.  Tyrell is displeased and tells him to get around it.  In his office in Gray Sector, John West tries to access the security grid, but is unable to do so.

While Dr. McClelland and his staff work overtime on the problem, Jo works with Willowgram.  Giles comes in for an update.  She tells him that they haven’t found any spells capable of draining a slayer, nor have they found anything wrong with the original empowerment spell.  They did find a mention of an archaic slayer test called the “Cruciamentum,” which used injected drugs to render a slayer powerless.  Giles instructs Jo to share this information with Dr. McClelland.  Jo sends Willowgram to her mobile unit, and off they go.

In the Infirmary, Jo introduces Willowgram to Dr. McClelland, and they instantly hit it off, going off into a babble of medical jargon.  Jo leaves them to their work.

A little later, Katie goes to see Livia.  They discuss the power loss.  Livia is taking it hard.  Katie reminds that they all lose their powers at thirty, but Livia’s not ready to lose her specialness this soon.  Plus, she’s worried that without her slayer healing power, she won’t ever be 100% again.  Too upset to talk anymore, Livia sends Katie away.

Later, Velika comes to talk to Livia, having heard from Katie how hard Livia was taking the power loss.  Velika gives her a pep talk about how she herself handled her power loss at thirty.  She convinces Livia that, with her powers or not, the Council needs her.

Veronica goes to see Giles.  Things are very awkward between them.  He asks her if she’s there to say “I told you so.”  She says she doesn’t have time for that and hands him a video.  They watch the video.  It’s Hubris’s proposal to Congress that Eris delivered.  It blasts the Council’s record and asks Congress to allow other, more capable corporations—like Hubris—to take over the Human Defense Treaty.  Veronica goes off on Giles for not taking her advice.

Meanwhile, Mira sneaks into Jo’s office with the large golden knife.  She breaks into Jo’s computer and researches the knife.

Back at Hubris, Eris congratulates Tyrell on the power loss and how it’s fitting perfectly into their plan to break the Council’s monopoly on the HDT.  Tyrell excuses himself to check on Dr. So’s progress in his lab.  Eris eyes Tyrell warily as he leaves.

Willowgram and Dr. McClelland discover the source of the power loss: a nanobot.  Giles calls a Scooby meeting.  Livia surprises them by attending.  Dr. McClelland explains the nanobot.  Willowgram explains the method of delivery: the annual slayer vaccinations.  The small percentage of unaffected slayers were those who have allergies to vaccinations.  Jo reports that the expert on nanotechnology just happens to be Dr. Martin So, the “Clone Master from Dayson Laboratory” and “Tyrell’s own little personal mad scientist.”  Dr. McClelland says he needs a guinea pig to do experimental surgery on to see if he can remove the nanobot.  Katie immediately volunteers, much to Jo’s surprise.  Dr. McClelland reminds her how dangerous it is, but Katie is firm.  He tells her to go home, rest, take no meds or food or water after midnight, and report back in the morning.

Back at Jo’s apartment, Jo confronts Katie about her actions: volunteering for such a dangerous procedure without talking to Jo first.  Katie realizes what Jo is saying and apologizes.  She says she just didn’t think about it due to being on her own for so long.  Jo wants her to cancel the procedure, but Jo knows she can’t.  Katie tells her that she really thinks it’s the right thing to do.  They embrace and try to comfort each other.

Meanwhile, Mira goes to see Velika.  She tells her what she’s discovered about the large golden knife and the bat-like demons.  They’re a doomsday cult who are out to do a ritual sacrifice and open the hellmouth.  Velika praises Mira and tells her to pick her team and go deal with the threat.

The next morning, Katie is on a gurney on her way to the operating room.  Jo assures her everything will be okay.  After they exchange I-love-you’s, Katie is wheeled away.  After a final wave to Katie, Jo retreats to the waiting room where Lex embraces her.

As Jo and Lex and Giles wait anxiously, Dr. McClelland and his team start the operation, with Dr. McClelland using a complicated machine with a joystick to enter Katie’s brain.  Time passes with the operation still ongoing.  Later, Dr. McClelland thinks he has the nanobot, but Katie starts to hemorrhage.  After a scare, they stop the bleeding, and Dr. McClelland pulls out with the nanobot.  Meanwhile, Toni finally gets off duty and enters the waiting room where a despondent Jo runs to her crying.  Later, Dr. McClelland finally comes out and gives the good news.

Meanwhile, Mira and her slayers move in on the bat-like demons, who are in a crypt about to sacrifice a female victim.  Right when they are just about to rush the crypt, they are interrupted by the arrival of a battle-suit-clad warrior, wearing Hubris’s logo, who blasts most of the demons, leaving the dregs for the slayers to clean up.  Lisa Lance is conveniently there to film the whole thing as Hubris saves the day.

Later that night, Giles returns to the ruins of the demon bar.  He finds the blue-skinned bartender salvaging what she can.  He tries to apologize and offer help, but she tells him to leave.

The next day, Senator Townsend makes a public announcement regarding the Human Defense Treaty.  The monopoly held by the Council has been lifted and the contract for the HDT is now available for open bidding.

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