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Tyrell has a secret meeting with Eris Pantelles, head of Department: Ares, the weapons division of Hubris, Inc.  Eris informs Tyrell that Dr. Martin So has been set up in a new lab and is back on track with his projects.  Eris tries to get Tyrell to tell her what Dr. So is up to, but Tyrell tells her that she doesn’t need to know.

Meanwhile, in a shopping center parking garage, a woman and her baby are attacked and presumably killed by a clawed creature of some kind.

Brianna stops by Katherine’s quarters to see if she wants to go to the rec room.  Katie refuses.  Brianna tries to get Katie to talk about what happened at the space station.  Katie thanks her but doesn’t share.

The next morning, Giles comes to Jocasta’s office and tells her to turn on the news net.  They both watch as Lisa Lance blasts the Council for its recent use of magical weapons.  Lance has  apparently gotten her hands on some “internal documents.”  Although Jo expects quite the opposite, Giles tells her that he wants to use this opportunity to reinstate the Coven.  Jo is shocked, but then excited—until Giles tells her that he wants her to head the reinstatement.  Then she’s really shocked. 

Meanwhile, Livia and Mira show up at the infirmary for their yearly slayer physical.  Shortly after they get there, Katie also arrives.  Still angry about the fact that Katie was assigned to the space station mission over her, Livia begins to needle Katie.  She implies that Katie got the space station assignment because of her relationship with Jo.  Katie denies that.  Livia mentions that she had heard that Jo and Katie had broken up.  Livia says that she might have to take advantage of that situation by sweetening up to Jo.  Katie jumps out of her chair at Livia, and Livia does the same, but Mira steps between them, ending the confrontation.

Back in Jocasta’s office, Giles has to convince a reluctant Jo that she is the right person for the job of reinstating the Coven.  When she finally accepts, Giles tells her that he’ll come by later to give her something that will aid her in her research.

Later that day, Velika holds a briefing with her slayer troop leaders about the Braccus demons that have been attacking young women with children.  She reveals a new plan for making the Braccus demons come to them: the slayers will pose as mothers by carrying completely life-like dolls.  Like most of the other slayers, including Katie, Livia is not thrilled about the prospect.  Velika explains that the slayers will double up their teams and hit the spots frequented by young mothers with children.  When the meeting is dismissed, Velika calls Livia and Katie up for a private meeting.  She asks them about what happened at the infirmary and reminds Katie that she has the right to file a complaint against Livia for her derogatory remarks.  Katie says she doesn’t want to do that.  Velika lets Katie leave and then lectures Livia.  She tells Livia that she’s a lot like her mother.  Livia regrets that she didn’t get to know her mother.  Velika says that she looked up to Livia’s mother and jumped at the chance to work as her aide.  Velika tells Livia that she has her mother’s temper and that she’s lucky that Katie isn’t filing charges.  She tells Livia that she’s making too much of a big deal about the space station mission.  She tells Livia to let this issue go and to make peace with Katie.  Livia promises that she’ll try.

Meanwhile, Travers addresses the High Command, complaining about Lisa Lance and her anti-Council reports on the news net.  Giles insists that he’s got Jocasta on the problem.  Travers implies that Jo herself may be the leak.  Giles turns the tables and implies that the leak could be someone in this room—someone who wanted to get even with Jo for her role in Tyrell’s expulsion.  After Giles adjourns the meeting, one of the other High Commanders, Councilor Upton, gives Giles a warning.  She tells him that he’s not totally among friends here and that he’d better watch his back.

In the Council Fleet Office, Antonia is reprimanded by her commanding officer for her actions at the space station.  Although she attempts to defend herself, he slaps her with a two-week suspension and tells her she’s lucky it’s not two months.

Later, in the Red Sector R&D Lab, Lex and James and Anyabot work on the seraphim suit.  The suit develops a glitch, sending sparks flying.  Toni comes in and tells Lex about her two-week suspension.  James tries to get Toni to help them out by putting on the suit.  She wisely declines.  Anya says that Toni is smarter than James said.  Lex and Toni glare at the embarrassed James.

Later, Giles returns to Jo’s office.  He tells her about the meeting with the High Command and then gives her a stack of books.  He explains that they are Jo’s mother’s journals.  Jo says that she has her mother’s journals in her datapad.  Giles tells her that these are her mother’s private journals and that they contain all the history of the Coven that the Council doesn’t want anyone to know.

Once Giles leaves, Jocasta sits in her office looking at the journals but not reading any of them yet.  Toni comes in and asks about the journals.  When Toni senses Jo’s reluctance to read them, she suggests that Jo trust Giles.  Toni changes the subject to Katie and asks Jo if she’s talked to Katie.  When Jo says no, Toni pleads the slayer’s case, saying that Katie was caught between a rock and a hard place.  She tells Jo that she’s found a good woman who adores her and makes her happy, so cut the woman some slack.  Jo says she’ll consider it.  Once Toni leaves, Jo begins reading her mother’s journals from 22 years ago.

22 Years Ago

Constance Rosenberg arrives at the Council and goes to the coven room, where she meets the nine other members of her coven.  Tess expresses concern about the Council meeting that day, saying that they’ve been hearing rumors about drastic changes being proposed by the Watchers Division.  Constance assures them that everything will be fine.

As Constance arrives at the Council Chambers, newly-elected Chairman Horatio Tyrell takes her aside and informs her of a new program that the High Command wants instituted: the Coven will immediately begin training all slayers in magic (not just those deemed worthy or ready).  Constance says, “Over my dead body.”  Tyrell says, “That can be arranged.”  When Tyrell leaves, Constance is joined by Trisha Hansen, the head of the Slayer Division, and her aide, Velika Petrova.  Constance asks Trisha if she pushed for this new program.  Trisha says that she didn’t.  They all go inside for the meeting.

In the meeting, Tyrell and Constance go head to head over the new slayer training program.  He claims that it will make their army even more powerful.  She says that it could result in creating one or more rogue slayers with enormous power.  Travers suggests that they proceed with the vote for the new program.  Trisha Hansen speaks in support of the Coven, agreeing with  Constance’s motion of keeping things as they are.  Giles interjects and requests that the vote be anonymous.  The vote is taken, and 55% vote in favor of all slayers being trained.

After the meeting, Giles meets Constance in the coven room.  Constance warns Giles about being seen fraternizing with her.  Giles says that he enjoys fraternizing and kisses her.  Trisha and Velika join them.  Constance explains that if she doesn’t train all slayers, Tyrell and the High Command will disband the Coven.  Trisha asks Constance if she’s giving up.  Constance says that she’s going to give them the fight of their lives and asks Trisha to help.

Present Time

It’s night, and Livia is out with three teams of slayers patrolling.  She calls to her teams, but Katie and her team do not check in.  Livia sends the other teams on their way and goes to find Katie.  While Livia runs after Katie, Jo is in her office continuing to read.

22 Years Ago

At the Rosenberg home, Constance tucks her daughter, Jocasta, into bed.  The young girl calls for her stuffed dragon, Mr. Snappy.  Constance gives the toy to the girl, then joins Giles in the living room.  Constance tells Giles that the Coven is on Constance’s side and intends not to follow the High Command’s order to train all slayers.  Constance tells Giles that he needs to keep his distance from her, even to the point of saying that he supports training all slayers.  When Giles questions this, she explains that she needs friends in the Watchers Division to keep an eye on things.  Giles suggests using magic on Tyrell, but Constance rejects this notion.  Constance admits that she hasn’t been under this much stress since her husband Bradford’s death.  Giles reassures her that she’ll get through it all.  Constance makes Giles promise that he’ll look after Jo.  Of course, he agrees.  Constance goes to kiss Giles, but is interrupted by a sleepy Jo saying she’s thirsty.  Giles gets up and takes Jo’s hand and starts to lead her into the kitchen.  Suddenly, a firebomb smashes through the living room window.  Constance uses magic to put out the flames.  She tells Giles to stay with Jo, then she goes outside.  There she finds Velika Petrova leading a gang of about ten slayers who are out for Constance’s head because she refuses to train all slayers.  Velika says they’re going to take Constance out so that someone who will train them can be moved into her place.  Then Trisha Hansen arrives with a group of magically-trained slayers.  She orders Velika to stand down, but Velika and her gang refuse, and the two groups of slayers start fighting.

Present Time

  Livia has found Katie and her team, who have been bogged down with a vampire nest.  Livia assists and then takes the opportunity to apologize to Katie for her behavior at the infirmary.  Katie accepts Livia’s apology, but still looks disgruntled—but it’s because of her situation with Jo.  Livia urges Katie to talk to Jo, but Katie says Jo won’t speak to her.  Livia asks Katie what she did that was so bad.  Katie just says that she met Jo at the wrong time.

Meanwhile, Jo is surprised by a visit from Travers.  He questions her suitability to lead the “media leak” investigation, believing her to be biased.  Jo debunks his notion, saying that it doesn’t make sense for her to go to the media since she’s the one who has a conviction for illegal magic use; doing so would only undermine her reputation.  She goes even further, saying that she suspects that he’s more concerned that she’ll actually find the source of the leak.  She assures him she’ll get to the bottom of it one way or another.  He warns her that the High Command is not to be toyed with.  Before he leaves her office, Jo tells him not to try restricting her access or deleting logs because she’s already downloaded them.  After Travers leaves, Jo’s phone rings.  Jo looks at the caller identification; it’s Katie.  Jo doesn’t answer, but she does listen as Katie leaves a message.  Katie apologizes, says she loves her, and begs her to call so they can talk.  After Katie hangs up, Jo turns back to her reading of her mother’s journals.

22 Years Ago

Constance runs back inside and tells Giles what’s going on.  She tells him that she has to get the Coven assembled.  Giles says he’ll take her there.  Giles helps Constance and Jo into his hovercraft.  Then he takes them to Tess’s house.

Constance bangs on Tess’s door, waking her up.  When Tess comes to the door, Constance and Giles push quickly inside with little Jo.  When Tess asks what’s going on, Constance says that they have to gather the members because the Rebellion has started.

Later, Constance asks Giles to take Jo to the Allisters.  He is reluctant to leave Constance, but he agrees and assures her he’s coming right back.  Constance takes Jo into her arms and tells her that Giles is taking her to see Cousin Toni and that Momma will be along as soon as she finishes her work.  Constance hugs Jo tightly then gives her to Giles.  Giles kisses Constance and then heads off.  After waving good-bye to her daughter, Constance walks off crying.

Meanwhile, Tyrell is meeting with Velika and the leaders of the slayers siding with the High Command.  He instructs Velika to take on Trisha and her “rogue slayers” off the Council grounds.  Velika assures him that she knows of a place by the lake.  After Tyrell leaves, Velika activates her link and calls someone.

Elsewhere and later, Constance and her Coven magically track Velika and her slayers; they find them at the lake.  Trisha asks Constance if the Coven can provide major magical backup if things get too intense.  Constance says they can try, but it’ll be tough.  When it’s time to head to the battle, Constance asks for a few minutes.  After she’s left alone, she pulls our her journal and begins to write quickly.

Present Time

Katie, Livia, Mira, and Brianna are trying to lure out a Bracchus demon at a 24-hour grocery.  Katie is the designated mother, holding her fake baby and loitering in the store.  Right when they think the trap is a bust, they hear a woman screaming outside.  At the entrance, Katie drops the baby and rushes out, to the shock of entering customers.  Livia, Mira, and Brianna quickly follow.  Katie finds the huge Bracchus demon standing over a woman and her baby, who are on the ground.  Katie distracts the demon, and he comes after her.  Livia joins Katie, and the two team up in a simultaneous attack, but they are unsuccessful, ending up in a heap on the pavement.  The demon starts to move in, but then Brianna and Mira zap him from behind with two tazers on full blast.  The Braccus falls timber-like to the ground.  The woman revives and calls for her baby.  Livia picks up the crying child and comforts him, and he almost immediately stops crying.  Katie teases Livia, saying that maybe motherhood does suit her.  Katie laughs but then quickly saddens and excuses herself.  When Brianna asks what’s up with Katie, Livia speculates that Katie thought about sharing the night’s events with Jo, only to realize too late that she couldn’t.

The next morning, Giles finds Jo asleep in her office, a journal on her chest.  He wakes her up, and they discuss what she’s learned.  Jo admits she had no idea that Giles and her mother had been romantically involved.  Jo doesn’t beat around the bush.  She asks Giles if he is her biological father.  He says no, that he and Constance didn’t get involved until about a year after Bradford’s death.  Jo asks Giles to tell what happened after her mother’s journals ended.  He shares with her what he knows.

22 Years Ago

Constance and her nine witches, along with Trisha and about a hundred of her slayers, arrive at the battleground by the lake.  They discover that Tyrell’s side has not only about two hundred to three hundred slayers but also their very own coven.  Constance says that she and her witches will deal with the other coven if Trisha can handle the slayers.  They agree, and the battle is set.

Earlier, Giles goes to the Allisters to drop off Jo.  Mary Allister answers the door and invites Giles and Jo in.  Little Toni comes down the stairs to greet Jo, and the adults send them upstairs.  Toni is excited about showing Jo her new flying toy.  Mary demands an explanation from Giles about what’s going on.

Back to the lake, Giles finally arrives.  He sees the impending battle and heads in Constance’s direction.  The slayers rush from both sides.  Trisha’s troops hit Velika’s slayers with magic bursts and bind them.  At the same time, Constance’s Coven is struggling against Tyrell’s coven.  They try to hold up, but they get blasted by the power of the coven, and their circle is broken.  Trisha’s slayers begin to tire and lose their powers, and without the support of Constance’s Coven, they are forced to pull back.  Velika’s slayers break through and head for Constance and her Coven.  Constance yells at her witches to run.  Tess tries, but is skewered by a slayer’s sword.  Constance tries to run toward Tess, but is shot in the back with two crossbow bolts and goes down.  Giles finally gets to Constance and drags her out of the heat of the battle.  Trisha also falls to one of Velika’s slayers, but Velika drags her to safety.  Velika apologizes to Trisha for failing her, saying that it wasn’t supposed to happen this way, Tyrell wasn’t supposed to have another coven.  Trisha insists that Velika didn’t fail.  Since Tyrell doesn’t know Velika was Trisha’s insider, Trisha asks Velika to try and protect the slayers’ voice in the Council; she also asks Velika to look after her daughter, Livia.  Velika promises, and Trisha dies.  Velika re-enters the battle.  Elsewhere, Giles tends to Constance.  He encourages her to heal herself, but she says that she can’t because she doesn’t have any energy left.  He tells her to hang on, but she just reminds him to remember his promise.  Then she dies.

Present Day

With Giles’s story of the battle finished, Jo tries to be comforted by the fact that her mother didn’t die alone, but soon she gives in to sobs.  Giles puts his arm around her.  Her sadness eventually turns to anger against Travers and Tyrell.  Giles warns her to keep her head and to proceed in the proper manner.  Giles follows up by describing the aftermath of the Rebellion: the Coven was deemed a threat and disbanded, the few members of Constance’s side who survived were hunted down and killed, and eventually the slayers were voted out of the Council, leaving the Watchers Division with the majority vote.  Jo insists that they need to shift the power back into the original balance.  Giles says that they will.  They’re already doing step one, which is Jo’s research.  Step two is to establish a working magic research lab.  Jo is excited about this proposition, until Giles says that he wants Katie on Jo’s magic team.  Jo says that she doesn’t think that’s a good idea.  Giles insists that they need her.  Giles tells Jo that Katie called him to check on Jo since Jo hasn’t spoken to her.  Giles advises Jo to take time to cool off but to at least speak to Katie now.  Jo just nods.  Before Giles leaves, she thanks him for sharing and for looking after her.  Giles tells her he wouldn’t have had it any other way.  After Giles leaves, Jo goes to her desk, starts to call Katie, but doesn’t; instead, she just gathers her mother’s journals and leaves.

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