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Each Watchers season contained 24 episodes that began in September 2002 with our final episode airing June 2008.

We don't create new episodes any longer (and we have no plans to start again so please don't ask). We're sure once you see everything we put into these episodes, thanks to many talented people over the years, you might understand - it's a lot of time consuming work.  However, if our fans decide to stick around we're happy to consider the prospects of TV movies now and then.  

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Rank: N/A
Position/Rank: Watcher, Administrative; Colonel; Head of Red Sector
Eyes: Hazel/Metallic Blue
Height: 5'9"
Marital Status: Single/Committed

Since childhood, Lex has always been a "tinkerer" -- building robots from scrap, taking apart appliances just to see how they worked, fine-tuning each piece of home electronic equipment so that it did something it wasn't originally designed to do. Thus, it was perfectly natural that Lex would specialize in engineering.

Once he was hired by the Watchers Council, Lex quickly moved up in the ranks, showing both the patience of a scientist and the creativity of an inventor. It wasn't long before he had risen to the top of Red Sector, the Council's research and development division, which is charged with the task of constructing and testing new technologies. One of Red Sector's greatest achievements to date is the Seraphim Suit prototype, an armored battle suit equipped with the firepower of a tank, jet packs on the back, and flamethrowers in the arms. Mira wore the Seraphim Suit when Livia led her Slayers into the 314 facility in Sunnydale. The suit gave the Slayers the edge they needed to keep the army of enhanced demons off the backs of Giles, Jocasta, and Katherine as they cast the spell that resulted in the destruction of the secret base built by Tyrell and the High Command.

An agreeable fellow with a good sense of humor, Lex is liked by his colleagues and loved by his friends. His closest personal ties are with Jocasta, Antonia, and Giles, whom he has known all of his life. Lex's most noticeable physical characteristic is his metallic blue bionic eye.


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