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Each Watchers season contained 24 episodes that began in September 2002 with our final episode airing June 2008.

We don't create new episodes any longer (and we have no plans to start again so please don't ask). We're sure once you see everything we put into these episodes, thanks to many talented people over the years, you might understand - it's a lot of time consuming work.  However, if our fans decide to stick around we're happy to consider the prospects of TV movies now and then.  

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Position/Rank: Slayer, Active; Attaché to Gray Sector on as-needed basis
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'7"
Marital Status: Single/Committed

Since being called as a Slayer, Katherine Allison has lived her life within the Council, fulfilling her duties to protect the world from the ever-threatening demonic menace. Despite her parents' opinion that she should get a "real job" like her sister Andrea, Katie has found her Slayer work to be, for the most part, both important and fulfilling.

The work began to lose its shine when Katie suddenly lost her Watcher, Miss Dimmons, and was reassigned under a new Watcher, Sean Rayne. Katie liked and respected Miss Dimmons very much, but she considered Rayne to be dictatorial and generally disagreeable. After the two of them captured a very unusual vampire, one enhanced with both genetic alterations and cybernetic additions, Katie began to have serious suspicions about her Watcher. These suspicions were proved justified when Rayne turned out to be aiding Chairman Horatio Tyrell in his plan to disband the Council via a cybernetic demon army, courtesy of a resurrected Project 314.

After being called to the office of Colonel Jocasta Rosenberg concerning the cybernetic vampire, Katherine found her life turned upside down in more ways than one. Not only was she inexplicably drawn to the redheaded Watcher that she had just met, but she was also put into the position of having to make a critical decision: whether or not to aid Jocasta and Councilor Sebastian Giles in their quest for the truth behind the enhanced vampire. In spite of the risk to both her career and her life, Katie decided to help Jocasta and Giles. As she worked with Jocasta, Katie discovered that the redhead was attracted to her as well, and the two of them became romantically involved, sharing an afternoon of passion prior to the raid on Tyrell's secret facility at Sunnydale.

In the successful battle against the new and improved 314 Project, Katie played a key role, magically partnering with Jocasta and Giles and Aurora in a spell designed to recreate the ritual used by Buffy Summers to defeat the original 314 Project. After coming back from Sunnydale, Katherine has returned to her duties as active Slayer. She has also been assigned to work with Jocasta as an attaché to Gray Sector on an as-needed basis. Katherine and Jocasta are happily continuing their relationship now that they are back in Cleveland.

Katherine has many special skills. As a Slayer, she has the usual talents inherent in her line: physical strength, fighting prowess, the ability to sense vampires. Katherine has an unusually strong sensing ability, however. She is able to sense vampires from quite a distance, and she is also able to sense things in ways beyond just the usual Slayer sense. Katherine also has a talent for magic, which was discovered by her former Watcher, Miss Dimmons, and which was utilized for the ritual at the Sunnydale facility. Despite the fact that magic use was illegal, Miss Dimmons supplied her ward with real magic books and taught her how to hide her talents from the Council.

Although perfectly confident and assertive in her physical role as a Slayer, Katherine is shy and unsure of herself in certain social arenas. She tends to stutter when nervous and therefore hates public speaking. She avoids confrontations when she can and instead tries to ease conflicts. She prefers being with her small circle of friends over "partying" or participating in large group events.


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