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Each Watchers season contained 24 episodes that began in September 2002 with our final episode airing June 2008.

We don't create new episodes any longer (and we have no plans to start again so please don't ask). We're sure once you see everything we put into these episodes, thanks to many talented people over the years, you might understand - it's a lot of time consuming work.  However, if our fans decide to stick around we're happy to consider the prospects of TV movies now and then.  

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Position/Rank: Watcher, Administrative; Head of Gray Sector; Colonel
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'8"
Marital Status: Single/Committed

It's only natural that Colonel Jocasta Rosenberg would find herself working for the Watchers Council and even more natural that she would find herself heading Gray Sector, the division of the Council dedicated to the investigation and study of magical, supernatural, or paranormal events. After all, magic is in her blood. Her mother was a witch, and her great-great grandmother was none other than the original Willow Rosenberg, one of the founders of the new Council as well as one of the most powerful magic-users of all time.

Jocasta didn't immediately take to the notion of working for the Council, though. She feared being constantly compared to her world-saving, Council-building ancestor and being expected to be "Willow, Part Deux." She also distrusted the Council because of its part in her mother's death during the Coven Rebellion. However, due to the influence of her friend and mentor, Sebastian Giles, Jo made the decision to join the Council-a decision which she has never regretted.

Although she has always firmly believed in the mission of the Council, Jocasta has had serious issues about many of its policies, such as its stance on magic. She has also harbored deep doubts concerning its leadership. These doubts turned out to be well founded when she and Giles discovered that Chairman Horatio Tyrell planned to overthrow the Council by creating a demon army based on the original Initiative experiment, Project 314.

In her research on Tyrell and the 314 Project, Jocasta consulted the Progenitor File, an interactive database created from the journals and libraries of Willow Rosenberg. Its holographic interface was a personality construct based on Willow herself. Contact with the "Willowgram" was restricted to the Chairman of the Council and to anyone with a DNA match to the Rosenberg line. Due to her lineage, Jocasta was able to access the database and gain the information necessary to stop Tyrell.

Throughout the struggle against Tyrell, Jocasta was aided by Katherine Allison, a Slayer to whom Jo was immediately attracted. As the two women worked and fought side by side, they connected with each other in a very deep way. In Sunnydale, as they waited for reinforcements to arrive for their confrontation with Tyrell's demon army, Jocasta and Katherine finally threw caution to the wind and acted on their feelings for each other.

During the battle at Tyrell's Sunnydale facility, Jocasta led the spell that she and Giles and Katherine cast to empower Aurora and give her the ability to defeat Eve, the central command unit controlling the entire demon army. Since returning to the Council Headquarters in Cleveland, Jocasta has resumed her duties in Gray Sector, often calling upon Katherine for additional assistance. Outside the office, Jo and Katie continue to pursue their growing relationship.

Jocasta has many special abilities. She has an innate talent for magic, although it is currently untapped due to the Council's ban on the use of magic. Her areas of specialization are magic and the occult, demon biology, human cybernetics, and computer science. Although she has had the standard defense training required of all Watchers, she still hates flying, especially when her cousin Antonia Allister is in the pilot's chair.

Jocasta is a classic workaholic, often pulling all- nighters in her office and stoking herself up with double mochas. She has a headstrong and fiery temperament, but underneath it all lies a soft and caring heart. Jocasta's closest personal ties are with Antonia, Giles, and Lex Harris.

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