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Each Watchers season contained 24 episodes that began in September 2002 with our final episode airing June 2008.

We don't create new episodes any longer (and we have no plans to start again so please don't ask). We're sure once you see everything we put into these episodes, thanks to many talented people over the years, you might understand - it's a lot of time consuming work.  However, if our fans decide to stick around we're happy to consider the prospects of TV movies now and then.  

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Position/Rank: Watcher, Administrative; Councilor
Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'0"
Marital Status: Single/Unattached

There was never any doubt about whether or not Sebastian Giles would be a part of the Watchers Council. After all, since the late 20th century, the Council has always had a Giles, which is as it should be. So, it was no surprise when Sebastian received the call to be a Watcher. Though daunted by the prospect of following in the footsteps of his prestigious ancestors (particularly Rupert Giles, one of the original founders of the rebuilt Council), Sebastian dutifully accepted his call, entered into training, and was soon serving as an active Watcher.

After many years of service, Giles was rewarded with a promotion to the rank of Councilor and to a position on the Command Council, the primary governing body of the Watchers Council. His idealism and incorruptibility making him ill-suited for a rise to the High Command, Giles has found himself stuck in the middle-management of the Watchers administrative division. Disenchanted with what the Council has become, he struggles, as best he can, to repair the organization from within.

Giles was forced to set aside his ordinary struggles when he accidentally discovered a secret plot to overthrow the Council by way of an enslaved demon army -- a plan made possible by a resurrected Project 314 and devised by none other than Horatio Tyrell, the Chairman of the Council itself. Giles immediately sought the help of his friend and colleague, Colonel Jocasta Rosenberg, who in turn recruited Slayer Katherine Allison. Together, they were able to destroy the Sunnydale facility that housed Tyrell's demon army before he could complete his coup. Now back in Cleveland, Giles faces his biggest challenge ever: proving that Tyrell and his fellow High Commanders were responsible for the creation and implementation of the new 314 Project.

Not one to crave the spotlight, Giles is nonetheless both well-known and well-respected in the Council, namely because of his dedication and fair-mindedness. Despite his loyalty to the organization, Giles isn't one to be hampered by its rules. Not only is he willing to violate protocol when necessary, but he is also a frequent visitor at a local demon bar that is not even supposed to exist.

Giles's closest ties are with Jocasta Rosenberg and Veronica Wyndam-Pryce. Giles has watched over Jocasta ever since her mother's death in the Coven Rebellion. Giles went through Council training with both Veronica and Sean Rayne and now serves with Veronica on the Command Council. Giles's most noticeable physical trait is his eyeglasses, which he insists upon wearing despite the fact that 22nd century medical advancements have made them obsolete.

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