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Season Two Overview

Learning they didn't defeat The Presidium, the Watchers spend their season trying to eliminate them once and for all. During this year Giles marries a bookseller, Becca, and she gives birth to Giles's daughter, Elizabeth. Meanwhile the relationships of Willow and Rowena, Robin and Faith and Kennedy and Mia grow deeper. 

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Season Two Recap

In Everything New again Willow begins work with her slayer Marsha, while Rowena is in England helping Robson get the council over there in order. The Presidium's new foe, the Lover, resides in their kingdom known as Vor but has the ability to watch everything the WaTchers are doing. For New Again, Faith's younger sister arrives with news that their father is dying and she returns to Boston only to be set-up by the pair to turn the slayer over to demons in exchange for giving her father eternal life. Rowena also returns and gets a cold reception for Willow. She confides something Becca that something else has been pushing her away from Willow. It's Checkmate when Willow and Rowena accidentally play a game of chess that the Coven magically enhanced. The pieces in a giant chessboard come to life revealing things about each woman's life - including the fact that Rowena was raped as a teenager at the old Watcher's Academy, something she never got over. In Swap Meet, the characters are switched thanks to a magic spell that Becca unknowingly performs while cleaning an old vase. The only way they can switch back is when they confront issues that are facing one or both of them. In True Colors, Willow and Rowena try their hand at physical closeness while Becca goes to the doctor, learning that she's pregnant and Giles will become a dad. Later, Becca is put at risk when she bumps into a man who's really a demon agent of the Presidium. The action causes her to go insane so the Lover can observe how the council reacts. Becca is saved when Willow and the crew use a tub of holy water to erase the demon element. At the same time a group of Triad (Hunters) lose catching Brell and his fellow demons who are helping other worlds but the Presidium earns a small victory by taking over another dimension elsewhere.

In Red Herring, the gang dresses as ‘Clue’ characters for a costume party that on the surface appears to go dreadfully wrong with the death of several characters. In Dream Warriors, Imbethit gets his revenge on the council by making every sleeping slayer enter an arena in a fight to the death - first with demons and then with other slayers. Willow and Kennedy comes to the rescue of the slayers but not in time to save her own slayer Marsha who dies.  In Hellgoddess some nasty demons called Mizors swarm on Cleveland. The gang finds out it’s because of Willow and the solution is to either kill Willow or strip away her magic, which might kill her. Rowena discovers the theory first but doesn’t inform anyone and Mia is almost killed. When Giles discovers the truth he has a heart attack and is saved by Faith. The coven then does a spell to take away Willow’s power and Rowena has to own up to her failure of letting her personal life interfere with her duty. In Time Out, a beautiful former student of Robin’s returns, making Faith a little insecure about their relationship. Kennedy has a slayer dream about the former student and the death of her, Willow and Xander. When the student arrives, she tells Robin she has the ability to stop time and manipulate it. Events begin to match Kennedy’s dream and the council discovers that Tyrell is behind the operation to take out the council heads and is arrested by Robson in England. In Real World, human agent of the Presidium Jimmy Volano, kidnaps Rowena and Mia and the black ops rescue her but not without Rowena being shot.

In Blue Moon, Oz returns to Cleveland with his wife Camille and they end up doing a spell with Troy, a werewolf and Cassandra, a vampire, against their wishes. Unknown to the watchers the spell makes both Troy and Cassandra full-time wolves – they’re wish - and leaves Oz and Camille human again. In Bad Blood, after the spell is finished a bolt comes hurling at Camille and the slayers give chase after a mystery woman. It’s later revealed the woman is Kadin VanHelsing, heir to the VanHelsing legacy, and after Camille for murdering her father during Camille’s ‘wild days’ before finding Oz and changing her ways. Kennedy is the only one who is able to reason with Kadin about how Camille is trying to live a good life now (and is human again). Kadin agrees and leaves to hunt monsters freelance again. In In the Dark, we meet Vi’s identical twin Angie who goes with Robin to a location that houses not a monster as they first thought but a disfigured, abused young man. In Avatar, Kennedy has a run in with a monster and becomes a super-human and is given the power to destroy it, but not without doing serious damage to the city in the process. In Fireeater, Ethan Rayne returns to Cleveland and ends up saving Becca from a soul stealer who’s after her and Giles’s unborn child.

In Unfinished Business, Kadin faces off against a seemingly unstoppable foe and races to Cleveland for Kennedy’s help. Kennedy agrees, much to Mia and everyone elses' leeriness, and leaves for Bucharest, Romania. There, the two women work together but not without sharing a few stolen kisses and a growing attraction before Kennedy returns home. In Chapel of Love, Giles is determined to marry Becca before their baby arrives in the world but Murphy’s Law and meddling friends and family make the task more difficult then it sounds. Fed up, the pair elope the day of the wedding to be married by an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas. In Get a Life, the minor characters of watchers take center stage at a Sci-Fi convention where a demonic Jeri Ryan is picking off fans. After his daring-do Andrew and Tracey start to get closer with each other. In Rack and Ruin, Willow is taken by Rack’s younger sister, Shadow, for killing her brother as Vi and Xander try their hand at dating each other. Mia and Kennedy hit more rocky waves as Kennedy can’t shake thoughts of Kadin from her mind. Jeff performs a dangerous spell that nearly kills him but the black ops squad finds Willow and her capture but not before Shadow loaded Willow back up with magic in the hopes she would destroy herself. In Resistance, Willow has nightmares of going ‘dark’ again and Bonnie shoots Faith when Faith tries to kill her. An autopsy shows that it’s not Faith but a body snatcher creature put in place by the Presidium. Faith, back in Vor, escapes and returns home a bit feral and shaken. Meanwhile, Brell tries to organize various demons of the world in a counter-strike against the Presidium.

In Infernal Affairs, Vi and Xander each find lovers but it turns out the ‘lovers’ are actually one creature who can shape shift and drains human life via sex. Meanwhile, Faith tries to recover from her presidium capture as Kennedy, Dawn and Rowena go in search of a monster – which turns out to be a dragon, which Kennedy adopts. In Wickerman, the Presidium goes to the forest to try out it’s latest equipment for the earth invasion but Faith and the black ops squad thwart the effort but not without losing much of the black ops squad. In Ragnarok, the season finale, the gang uses Brell’s contacts to enter Vor and battle the Presidium on their own turf. Willow is brought before the Lover and convinces her that she’s become the evil that the Presidium initially gained power to avoid. Willow promises her soul will look after earth. At the same time Ethan is lost inside Vor, Robin loses his leg which Faith had to cut off to free him after a melee and Becca gives birth to her and Giles’s child, Elizabeth, with Buffy back at home in command. Once back home and victorious Mia decides to leave Kennedy and the council. (CLICK HERE to Read the Season 2 Episodes)



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