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During our five years the Watchers staff created items for our fans amusement. Surprisingly many of the items in our Fun Stuff section was provided by fans themselves who loved the series. So thanks to everyone who decided to do something creative to show their support for the show over the years. 

Fan Fiction

If you have completed Watchers fan fiction on the forum or something you just wrote for fun 

send it our way and we'll get it posted for you. 


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For those of you that missed our special Season Four April Fool Episode,

The V Word,  you can find it by clicking HERE 

For those of you that missed our special Season Five April Fool Teaser and First Act Filled with Fuffy goodness written by Dragonwriter17 and CN, you can find it by clicking HERE 

General (PG-13 Fiction)
Counting the Days by Faith

Empty Spaces On A Chessboard by Mercury

A Birthday In the Life by Dan Joslyn
Vodka and Cigarettes by Dan Joslyn
Newscycle by Dan Joslyn
Lost by Dan Joslyn
It's A Date by Susan Carr
Eight Years by CN Winters
Sweet Little Lies by CN Winters
Adult Fiction (R-NC-17 Fiction)
Don't Hold Back by Susan Carr
To Dance With a Goddess by Mercury
La Bruja al Rescate by Susan Carr
An Independence Day in the Life by Susan Carr 
Loss by Dragonwriter17
Just Pretend by Dragonwriter17




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