Unfinished Business

Act Two


Fade In:


Watcher’s Council – Infirmary – Later

The nurse had just finished checking Kadin’s latest vital signs when Dr. Miller walked in, medical chart in hand. He was looking down and scribbling on the chart as he approached the woman’s bed.

"Okay," he said as he handed the chart over to the nurse, "Looks like Ms. Van Helsing here is going to be just fine. Would you please inform Ms. Rosenberg of her status?"

"Yes, Doctor," the nurse nodded and accepted the chart before quickly leaving the room.

Dr. Miller placed his hands in the pockets of his coat as he stood for a moment staring down at the unconscious form of the monster hunter.

"Huh," he said slightly perplexed. "Nothing seems out of the ordinary. All your vitals check out, and besides the obvious, there are no signs of severe trauma." He paused as he took a step around the bed to stand directly on Kadin’s right. "So what caused your little flop?"

Dr. Miller paused for a moment more before he decided on a more thorough examination. He leaned over the bed and pressed on all the normal spots that would incur internal bleeding, but came up with nothing.

He had just about given up when his hand came into contact with a slight obstruction on the hunter’s right side. Intrigued, he reached his hand down to lift her shirt when Kadin’s hand suddenly flew up and grabbed his own.

The doctor jumped back in shock. "Don’t," Kadin said in a deep, raspy voice as she stared at him with glazed eyes.

"But you…" he started.

"I’m fine," she interrupted and released his hand as she started to slowly and painfully sit up.

"Ms. Van Helsing you should let me examine you. A fall like that can only be caused by one kind of injury," Dr. Miller pleaded as he came to stand in front of Kadin, but she only shook her head in decline.

"I’m fine. It’s not that bad."

"Not that bad?" Dr. Miller asked surprised. "The only injury that can cause that kind of trauma is severe enough for your blood pressure to drop so low that you pass out."

"I said I’m fine," Kadin said coldly as she looked up to stare the doctor down. "And I don’t think I need to give you the whole ‘Don’t tell the others’ speech."

The doctor stood exasperated, but knew that this was one he wasn’t going to win. "Of course, Ms. Van Helsing. Since you are not a member of this Council and therefore have no obligation to it, I cannot break confidentiality. It would be unethical."

"Good," Kadin said nodding. "Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to get the hell outta here."

The doctor stared down at her for only a moment before nodding. "Alright, but if you won’t let me help you…" He walked over to the medicine cabinet and pulled out a bottle of pills before throwing them over to Kadin. The hunter caught it with one hand easily.

"For the pain," he said with a smile and then left the room.

Kadin sighed and looked down at the pills for a moment before twisting the cap and popping two into her mouth. She closed her eyes and let out a deep breath before shoving the bottle into her vest pocket. She reached over and pulled her duster from the end of the bed, pulling it on as she quickly left the infirmary.

Cut to:


Watcher’s Council – Infirmary Waiting Room – Moments Later

"So that’s it?" Kennedy asked the nurse, slightly confused. "He just gave her a band aid and sent her on her way?"

The nurse smiled slightly and nodded. "In a manner of speaking, yes. Ms. Van Helsing has been cleared by Dr. Miller."

"Well damn," Faith said from her spot behind Kennedy. "Even with our

slayer healing, we don’t recover that fast. This must be one lucky chick."

"There’s one explanation," Kadin said from behind, drawing their attention. Everyone turned to see her face plastered with a smug grin.

"Look, enough of this, okay?" Kennedy told her. "You want my help or not?"

Kadin looked back at her defiantly before replying. "Yeah, I do."

"You do? Okay then, fine, start being straight with me," Kennedy said surprised at Kadin’s quick surrender. "Let’s walk and you can tell me just what it is that you need?"

The other woman nodded and headed for the exit. "I’ll be right back," Kennedy said looking over at Faith with a stern glare before walking out after Kadin.

Faith stared at Kennedy’s retreating form, the worry evident on her face.

Cut to:


Bucharest – Dark Lair – Same Time

A man dressed in a black robe bowed down in front of a high medieval chair. The flames from a nearby pit danced in the golden tones of its armrest, the black clad arm of its occupant rested against the warm surface.

"You…lost her?" a vampire’s deep accented voice said from the chair.

The robed man looked up in fear before quickly bowing his head again. "Yes, Sire," he replied in a shaky voice. "She was able to elude the Servants we placed at the airport. We seem to have underestimated her abilities."

A sudden growl emitted from the chair. The robed man looked up, eyes wide in fear right before he felt an otherworldly grip take hold around his throat.

The vampire was dressed in elegant black attire with a dark red ruby ring on his right index finger. His eyes glowed a deep, burning red as he held onto the smaller man’s throat, easily holding him far above the ground.

"You could never begin to fathom her abilities," the demon growled. The smaller man shook in fear as he gazed into the burning eyes of the vampire.

"Of course, Sire…b-but we did manage to track her down."

"Oh really?" he replied, dropping the man onto the floor. "How…interesting."

The robed man pulled himself onto his knees and bowed before his master again. "Yes, Sire. She has traveled to a place known as Cleveland. It is in the States of United America. We believe she went there to seek the help of others," the robed man finished nervously.

"Not others. Just one," the vampire replied solemnly.

The robed man looked up to meet the vampire’s eyes before quickly bowing again. "N-not to question you my sire, but she barely escaped by herself the first time. Why would she only request the help of one other?"

The vampire lifted his ringed finger to place it on his chin as he gazed into the burning pit of fire. "Because…she did not go to request the help of just anyone. She has gone for a Kresnik." The vampire stared into the pit of fire, its flames dancing wildly in the deep red of his eyes.

"The slayer?" the minion asked rhetorically. "Perhaps we should go somewhere else, Sire. We could-."

"Let them come," he told the robed man, stroking his face. "For centuries I’ve wondered what a slayer tastes like. Now I’ll have my chance."

Cut to:


Cleveland – City Street – Moments Later

"Thanks for hearing me out," Kadin said nervously as she walked along with Kennedy. "I know how much Faith’s opinion means to you."

The slayer nodded. "Yeah, it means a lot, but I can make my own decisions." She stopped to turn and look at the hunter. "That includes who or what I hear."

Kadin smiled appreciatively before turning to sit on a nearby bench. She folded her hands in her lap and stared down at them quietly. Kennedy watched the woman’s odd behavior for a moment before taking a seat next to her.

"So…" she said looking off into the distance. "Here we are…sitting…on this bench."

"I’m scared," Kadin said still looking down at her hands. "For the first time in my life…I’m scared."

"Of the bench?" Kennedy asked.

"No," Kadin replied with a sigh, shaking her head. "Not the bench."

"Well good," Kennedy said relieved. "Cause that would just be weird. Right up there with people who are afraid of telephones or plastic baggies." She trailed off when she noticed the look of anguish on the other woman’s face. "Hey, I’m just trying to get you to relax," she said softly. Kadin slowly looked up to meet her eyes. "What’s going on Kadin?"

Van Helsing let out a deep breath and ran a hand over her face before falling back onto the bench. "It’s a vampire."

"Okay," the slayer responded, but Kadin just continued to sit in silence. "Is there more to the story or is that all I get?" Kennedy asked after a moment. "Because I’m pretty good at figuring this stuff out, but even Sherlock Holmes would have trouble with this one."

"His name’s Drachen," the hunter said sitting forward. "He’s about four centuries old, three of which he’s spent trying to eradicate my blood line.

He loves to seduce and then murder women. He has his own little group of minions known as The Servitude, but don’t let the name fool you, they’re some tough bunch of blood suckers." Kadin finished and found her hand subconsciously dropping to her injured side.

Kennedy sat silently for a moment, letting the information sink in. "Okay Kadin, I heard all that and still I gotta ask…what do you need me for? Why don’t you just stake the bastard and be done with it?"

"Well, Kennedy, that’s just it," Kadin said looking over at the slayer with a slight smile. "I can’t."

"Why not?"

"Because," Kadin said, her smile growing, "I’m not a Kresnik...you are."

Kennedy just looked at her for a moment before replying. "Huh? How did you...?"

Cut to:


Watcher’s Council – Faith’s Apartment – Same Time

Faith was sitting in the chair facing the TV, staring at the blank screen.

The sudden sound of a knock on the door broke her out of the silent trance. With a sigh, she got up to answer the door.

Cut to:


Faith’s Apartment – Front Door – Moments Later

The slayer pulled open the door to meet Willow’s sympathetic smile.

"Hey," the witch said softly. "May I come in?"

Faith stood staring back at her for a moment before stepping back away from the door. Willow smiled and crossed into the apartment.

Cut to:


Giles’s Apartment – Front Door – Same Time

Rowena stood nervously at the watcher’s door. She lifted her hand to knock and then quickly dropped it again. She stood for a moment more, before turning to walk away.

"Rowena?" Giles’s voice came from the doorway just as she left. "Is everything alright?"

"Actually," the blonde said turning back, "I think there is something we need to discuss."

Cut to:


Faith’s Apartment – Living Room – Moments Later

Willow and Faith sat on the couch facing each other. The witch reached out and placed a gentle hand on Faith’s knee. "I’m asking…don’t jump in like you did earlier. Do you understand what I’m saying here?" Willow asked as she looked into the slayer’s dark eyes.

Faith let out a deep sigh and nodded. "I worry about her, you know? Ken’s got a big heart and there are plenty of jerks out there just waiting to take advantage of that."

"And you think Kadin is one of those jerks?"

Faith looked up guiltily. "I know it’s not fair. I mean, I barely know the chick but there’s just something about her. Bad vibes. I just don’t trust her ‘helpless and alone’ kick."

"So you think she’s leading Kennedy into a trap?" Willow asked. suddenly interested in the theory.

"I don’t know," Faith said exasperated. "It just doesn’t make sense to me. I mean the last time we were face to face, she was looking for some serious bad ass revenge, and suddenly, she shows back up all wounded and helpless?" She said looking over at the witch. "I’m no Ben Stein, but that just don’t add up to me."

"First, it’s Einstein," Willow said carefully, "and second, what makes you so sure she’s not being truthful? What if someone or something really is out to harm her, or the world, and she really does need our help? Are we supposed to just turn her away because we think it may be a trap?"

"I’m not saying that," Faith said defensively as she sprang to her feet. "Look," she said releasing another deep breath. "If she really is telling the truth, then that means there’s something out there bad enough that it’s got a Van Helsing running scared, and personally, I don’t want Kennedy going after it alone."

Willow slowly rose to her feet, her face deep in contemplation. "I see what you’re saying. If there is something out there that’s beaten Kadin that badly…it has to be way more than one slayer, even Kennedy, can handle."

"Exactly," Faith said nodding. "And now the only question is…what the hell is it?"

Cut to:


Watcher’s Council – Library – Same Time

Giles and Rowena sat across from each other, a few files open on the table between them.

"Are you certain?" Giles said looking at Rowena over the rim of his mug.

"Yes," the blonde nodded, taking a sip of her Earl Grey tea. "She said only Kennedy can help her, and I saw her injuries first hand. To be honest, I’m surprised she’s able to stand on her own."

"Was she really beaten that badly?"

"Yeah, she was," Kennedy’s voice came from the door. "But it wasn’t her body that got the worst of it."

"Kennedy," Giles said standing. "Rowena told me you were speaking with Kadin. How is she?"

"She’s breathing," the slayer replied with a shrug.

"Oh well, that’s good."

"Could you give us a sec?" Kennedy asked Rowena.

"Yes, of course," the watcher replied before picking up the files and quickly leaving the room.

The slayer watched her leave before turning back to Giles. "There’s something I need to discuss with you, if that’s alright."

"Of course. Please, have a seat," Giles said motioning to the chair across from his own. Kennedy walked over and fell into the chair, the elder watcher sitting down after her. He looked at her with a smile and waited for her to begin.

Kennedy cleared her throat nervously.

"Okay so the thing is…" She started before sighing, leaning across the table and beginning again. "Kadin’s in big trouble with this really old, really evil vampire who wants her blood, figuratively and literally, but the big thing is that she can’t kill him cause she’s not a Kresnik. I thought this Kresnik deal was a temporary thing."

"The magic yes but you have been a Kresnik, if in title. And who might this vampire be?" Giles asked carefully.

"His name is Drachen. He’s originally from Madrid, but apparently he chased her halfway across Europe to Bucharest. That’s where she was when he caught up with her and sent his lackeys out to kick the crap out of her so she wouldn’t be any match for him. Sounds like a coward’s way if you ask me."

"So from all this, I gather she’s asked you to come back to Bucharest with her to kill this vampire for her?"

Kennedy smirked. "I knew they didn’t call you the boss for nothin’."

"With age comes wisdom, my dear," Giles replied cheekily.

"In that case, shouldn’t you be up for a couple Nobel prizes by now?" Kennedy said, chuckling at the glare she received.

"Other than to insult me," Giles said with a slight grin, "why did you come to me with this information?"

"Why else?" the slayer replied. "I need some of that fatherly advice you seem to be so good at giving."

"Advice?" Giles said with a creased brow.

"Yeah, you know," Kennedy said with a smile, "I come to you with a problem, you give me your take on it, then I ask you what to do and you tell me."

"Ah, that advice," Giles said smiling. "Well, I hate to disappoint you, but I think I’m going to sit this one out."

"What do you mean?"

Giles reached across the table and placed a hand over Kennedy’s. "I’m going to tell you something that it took many years for me to learn myself."

Kennedy watched him anxiously, hanging onto his every word.

"There are three kinds of decisions in life, those that you must make with your head, and those you must make with your heart."

"Well, what’s the third?" Kennedy asked confused.

The watcher just continued to smile. "The third kind of decision are those that you must make between your head and your heart, and those my dear, are the most difficult."

"Oh," the slayer said. "So you think this is a decision that I have to make between my head and my heart?"

"I don’t know, Kennedy. I think that’s a decision only you can make."

"What is it with you watcher types and your damn riddles?" she said with a smile.

Giles returned the smile as he sat back in his chair, sipping on his tea.

Cut to:


Kennedy’s Apartment – Bedroom – Moments Later

Mia was lying in bed watching television, slowly drifting in and out of sleep.

A sudden, loud knock on the door caused her to awaken. She peered over at the nightstand to see that it was only one in the afternoon. With a heavy sigh, she got up to answer the door.

Cut to:


Kennedy’s Apartment – Front Door – Same Time

"I don’t think this is such a good idea," Willow whispered to Faith as she stood nervously beside the slayer outside her ex-girlfriend’s apartment. "I mean, don’t you think its kind of childish running to her girlfriend to tell on her?"

"Hey, maybe she can talk some sense into her. No one else can."

"I don’t know. Things have been rocky for them lately."

Faith looked over at Willow with a raised brow. "You know, so I’ve heard," the witch quickly added.

Faith was about to reply when the door swung open to reveal a groggy looking slayer on the other side.

"Hey Mia. I hope we didn’t wake you," Faith said with a smile.

"No, no I was just lying down," she said with a yawn. "Kennedy really wore me out…" Her cheeks reddened and she found herself suddenly very awake, "is more information than you need. Please, come in."

"Thanks," Faith said with a smirk as she stepped into the apartment. Willow nodded politely and stepped in right behind.

"Kennedy isn’t here," Mia told them as she closed the door. "She just called me from her cell and said something about some unfinished business she had to handle."

"Actually, we’re here to see you," Faith said with a nod.

"Me?" Mia asked surprised.

"Yes, you," Willow smiled, "but to be completely honest, we’re here to see you about Kennedy."

"What about her? She’s not in any trouble, is she?"

"Well, we’re not sure," the witch said nervously. "Maybe, well possibly…she could be headed in the direction of trouble."

"Okay. I’m not liking the sound of that," Mia said beginning to panic.

"That makes three of us," Faith said plopping down onto the nearby chair.

"Okay, is someone here going to tell me what this is all about?" Mia asked in a rush.

"The kind that’s about five foot seven, dark hair, goes by the name Van Helsing," Faith answered flippantly.

"Van Helsing," the other slayer repeated. "Kadin Van Helsing?"

"The one and only," Faith said.

"Why would Kadin have anything…wait," Mia said deep in thought, "Kadin…is back? Here in Cleveland?"

"Yes," Willow nodded, "and from what little information we could gather before she passed out…well, it appears she’s here for…Kennedy."

"Kennedy? Why would she come back for Kennedy?"

"Well, not Kennedy in particular, more like Kennedy’s help," Willow answered.

"Kennedy’s help with what?" Mia asked frustrated.

"She wouldn’t say. All she said was that she needed to speak with Kennedy privately, and then they left."

"You mean Ken actually just left with her? Without a second thought?"

"That’s pretty much how it played out," Faith said folding her arms over her chest. Mia closed her eyes and let out a deep breath.

"Look Mia," Willow said taking a step closer, "we didn’t mean to upset you. We just thought you should know."

"No, I’m glad you told me," the slayer said opening her eyes. "At least now I can stop her before she does something stupid." She walked over to the coat rack and pulled on her coat. "Let yourselves out, okay?" She nodded to the two women then left.

Willow looked over to Faith. "That didn’t go the way I expected," Willow answered.

Faith shrugged. "I stand by my earlier statement. I didn’t hit the cripple…but judging by that look on Mia’s face, I’d say she might."

Willow’s eyes widened and she raced from the room. Casually, Faith got up and followed.

Cut to:


Watcher’s Council – Library – Moments Later

Kennedy held her cell in one hand and a small piece of paper in the other. She pressed the last number on her phone then lifted it to her ear.

"Hey, it’s me."

Cut to:


Cleveland Hotel – Room 212 – Same Time

Kadin sat on the edge of the bed, her cell to her ear.

"Hey, I was wondering if you were going to call," she said relieved. Then after a long, tense moment, "So…have you decided yet?"

Cut to:


Watcher’s Council – Library – Same Time

"Ah, yeah," Kennedy said into the phone. "That’s actually why I’m calling." She sat silent for a moment, nervously picking at the worn leather on her boot. "I’m going with you."

Cut to:


Cleveland Hotel – Room 212 – Same Time

Kadin closed her eyes and let out a deep breath. "Thank you," she breathed into the phone. "For a moment there, I actually thought I was gonna hafta get down on my knees for this one." She smiled at the nervous chuckle she heard from the other end. "No, really Kennedy," Kadin said suddenly serious, "I’m not the begging kind so…I can’t thank you enough."

Cut to:


Watcher’s Council – Library – Same Time

"You don’t have to," Kennedy said smiling. "I mean after all, it is about ridding the world of the undead, you know, evil. Kinda comes in the job description." Kennedy didn’t hear anything from the other end so she asked, "So, how do you want to do this? Should I come there…or what?"

Cut to:


Cleveland Hotel – Room 212 – Same Time

"No, we can just meet at the airport. The flight leaves at seven tonight, gate 27," Kadin said looking down at the pair of plane tickets in her hand.

Cut to:


Watcher’s Council – Library – Same Time

"Wow, okay," Kennedy said looking down at her watch. "That gives me five hours to pack, which is about four hours and forty five minutes too much."

Cut to:


Cleveland Hotel – Room 212 – Same Time

Kadin laughed and threw the tickets on top of her bag. "Sounds like me. Everything I own fits into one duffel bag." She suddenly stopped laughing and turned her head to the side slightly. "Damn, that’s depressing."

Cut to:


Watcher’s Council – Library – Same Time

Kennedy smiled into the phone. "That’s not so bad. What does a girl need with more than that anyway?"

"More than what?" Kennedy heard a voice behind her ask. Kennedy turned in her chair to see her girlfriend standing behind her, her arms folded and brow raised. The brunette let out a sigh and turned back around.

"Look, I gotta go right now, but I’ll meet you tonight at seven." After a brief moment and a whispered "Bye," Kennedy hung up the phone and placed it in her jacket pocket. She slowly stood and turned to face Mia.

"Well?" the younger slayer asked after a moment of silence.

Kennedy stood awkwardly for a moment before speaking. "It’s not like I was just gonna leave without telling you; a certain pair of my meddling ex friends seem to have beaten me to it."

"Yeah well, if it weren’t for those meddling friends," Mia started angrily, "you’d be running off to god knows where to do god knows what for some woman you barely know."

"If you haven’t caught on by now," Kennedy retorted with anger of her own, "that’s all we ever do. That’s what we are. We protect the innocent, rid the world of evil doers. Ringing any bells for ya, Mi?"

"You know this isn’t the same," Mia said deflated.

"Oh really?" Kennedy said as she closed the distance between them. "How is this mission different from any other? How is she different from any other innocent?"

Mia just stood silently a moment looking back at the other woman. "You tell me, Ken. You’re going half way across the world for her."

Kennedy took a few steps closer. "This isn’t about the mission or the innocent, is it? This is about her." Mia winced at the accusation, looking away uncomfortably. "I’m right, aren’t I?" Kennedy said with an amused smile. "You let Faith and Willow convince you that Kadin has some ulterior motive."

"That’s not what they said…" Mia started, but trailed off when she noticed Kennedy’s cold stare.

"Save it Mia," Kennedy said, all amusement gone from her face. "You know, I thought we were really starting to get somewhere in this relationship, but the second someone raises even the tiniest doubt in your mind you come running to me, demands and forbiddance hot on your tongue."

"I didn’t come here to forbid you of anything, Kennedy," Mia replied. "I just…"

"You just what?" Kennedy said becoming exasperated. "You came here to politely request that I don’t help Kadin because you don’t trust her? Or did you come here because you don’t trust me?"

Mia just stared back at Kennedy. "I never said anything about not trusting you but now that you mention it…"

Kennedy shook her head. "I don’t know what dictionary you’ve been using, but obviously you don’t know the meaning of the word relationship."

Kennedy pushed past Mia and angrily left the library. Mia turned to watch her go before falling into the nearby chair. She sat for a moment staring out into nothing before a single tear slid from her eye.

Cut to:


Watcher’s Council – Hallway – Same Time

Kennedy was walking towards the dorms when Faith turned the corner.

"Hey Slick," the elder slayer called out. Kennedy paid it no attention as she neared her with a scowl on her face. "Mia’s looking for-."

Before Faith could finish Kennedy pushed Faith against the wall and lifted her up by the throat until Faith’s feet were off the ground.

"Mind your own business! You got that?" Kennedy shouted in Faith’s face.

Willow, who just rounded the corner, saw the display and raced over, trying to push Kennedy away. The distraction was enough so Faith had the chance to push Kennedy back, making her release her hold.

"What do you think you’re-?" Willow began to ask as Faith rubbed her own neck.

"Shut up!" Kennedy yelled pointing a finger at Willow, making the witch stop all sound and movement. "Go play chess and footsies with that blonde bitch and stay out of my life."

Without looking back Kennedy walked down the stairs while Willow and Faith looked at each other. They turned to see Mia standing in the library doorway before she slipped back inside without a word.

Cut to:


Cleveland International Airport – Gate 27 – Later

Kennedy walked up to the gate with her bag thrown over her shoulder. She stopped and looked around through the crowds of people.

"Glad to see you made it," Kadin’s voice startled her from behind. She turned to see the smirk on the hunter’s face. "Jumpy?"

Kennedy smiled. "Only around you it seems."

Both women shared a moment of uncomfortable silence before Kadin cleared her throat and reached into her vest to produce two plane tickets. She handed one to Kennedy. "First class round trip."

"First class," Kennedy repeated with a smile. "Now that’s incentive."

"Hey," Kadin said as she pulled the strap of her bag further up onto her shoulder. "You’re literally saving my life here, the least I can do is make it an enjoyable experience."

"Not too enjoyable I hope," Kennedy muttered under her breath.

"What?" Kadin asked, but Kennedy just shook it off.

"Nothing. What time does the flight leave again?"

Kadin looked down at her watch. "In about 30 minutes," she looked back up and nodded towards the gate. "You wanna head on?"

"Lead the way," Kennedy smiled. The hunter returned the gesture and headed for the gate. The slayer stood still for a moment, letting out a deep breath. "What the hell are you doing, Kennedy?" she whispered to herself, but before she could think it over, the sound of Kadin’s voice broke the moment.

"You comin’?"

Kennedy smiled and nodded. "Don’t even think it," she whispered to herself as she headed over to board the plane.

Cut to:


Cleveland International Airport – Nearby Payphone – Same Time

A man dressed in an expensive suit turned from the phone just as Kennedy passed by. He reached up and adjusted the glasses on his face.

The blue tint of his eyes suddenly faded, replaced by a deep burning red.

And he smiled.

End of Act Two
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