Strange Bedfellows

Act Four

Fade In:


Abandoned Hotel - Across Town - Later

Kennedy's eyes were trained on the vampire's back as she followed him through the gates of the graveyard. His eyes kept glancing back to Kennedy and Kadin, but as soon as the slayer noticed, he jerked his head back forward.

"Think he's just playin' us?" Kadin asked in a low whisper as she walked along side the other woman.

Kennedy eyed the vampire for a long moment. "For his sake, he better not be."

Cut to:


Abandoned Hotel - Entrance - Moments Later

The vampire came to sudden stop just outside the huge and dilapated doors of the hotel entrance. He turned to the side slightly and grinned, his fangs shining in the moonlight. "This is it. Home sweet home."

Kennedy cut her eyes at the demon as she cautiously took a step forward and surveyed every inch of the door. "Looks okay," she nodded as she turned back to Kadin. "If you wanna grab our buddy here, he c--"

Before she could finish the sentence the vampire suddenly screamed, "Now!"

Kennedy and Kadin both jumped back at the sudden and unexpected yell, but before they had time to react, the door burst outward and a hoard of vampires all carrying machine guns spilled out into the street.

Both women's eyes widened slightly as they watched themselves quickly become surrounded.

"Well, its not exactly the welcome I was expectin'," Kennedy said slowly.

The slayer's eyes shifted from one vampire to the next before turning to Kadin who was standing to off to her side. She leaned in the short distance and whispered, "Tell me you're hatchin' the greatest most fantastic escape plan ever."

The hunter locked eyes with the nearest vampire. His grip on the machine gun was shaky and his trigger finger was trembling.

Kadin smiled. "Him."

Kennedy was about to reply when the other woman suddenly sprung into action. She reached down and pulled a stake from the holster on her thigh and shifted all her weight to her back foot.

The burly vampire that had disappeared into the crowd suddenly remerged. He pointed his gun at Kadin's chest and growled, "Don't move, slayer. I'd rather suck every last drop from your body, but I'd just as well lap it up from the cold dead earth."

Kadin snorted and stealthily adjusted the stake in her hand.

"Apparently, that's not the only thing cold and dead around here." She smiled as she nodded to the gun in the vampire's hands. "What's got you evil, scary demons of the night suddenly carrying around such big big guns? You boys tryin' to compensate for somethin' else?"

Kennedy chuckled under her breath despite her better judgment.

The burly vampire let out a loud snarl and lifted his gun to aim at Kadin's head. "I oughta kill you where you stand!"

"You gotta do it from way over there?" Kadin continued to antagonize the demon. "What happened to the good 'ole fashioned way, hmm?" She turned her neck to the side to expose the long spans of enticing flesh. "Wouldn't you rather just...suck me dry, hmm?" she asked as she lifted a finger and slowly ran it along her jugular. "Obviously we’re outnumbered and out-armed."

The vampire slowly lowered his gun as a sinister smile spread over his face. He carefully dropped the gun to the ground and licked his protruding canines.

"I'm gonna enjoy this." He turned his head back slightly, but never took his eyes from the hunter. "Boys, keep the guns on ‘em while I do this the 'ole fashioned way." He smacked his lips as he ran a finger down the middle of his chest where the arrow had embedded earlier. "I owe you one."

Kadin gripped the stake tightly behind her back and raised a challenging brow. "Come and get it, big boy."

Kennedy looked concerned. "You better have a plan Sweetie," she whispered.

"In three, two, one…" Kadin whispered back.

"Hey," one of the minions yelled, "why do you get to feed?"

Soon the others began to murmur the same complaint and the vampire stopped in his tracks.

"Because I led them here," he answered.

"So what?" the other vamp answered. Again, the crowd began to turn on the leader.

"I gave you an order!" he yelled.

"Forget this," the vampire yelled and tossed his gun to the ground as the others did the same. They too began to close in on the pair.

"Divide and conquer," Kadin said casually to Kennedy in a low hush.

The lead vampire charged forward at a full sprint. Kadin didn't flinch as she quickly pulled her arm from behind her back and dropped the stake. Just before it hit the ground, she kicked her leg up and caught it on the end of her boot before sending it spiraling through the air at full force.

The vampire suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. His eyes slowly lowered to the stake protruding from his chest before gazing back up at his killer.

Kadin smirked as she watched him explode into nothing. She let out a little sigh and turned to Kennedy. "Well, now that that's outta the way." She gestured to the other vampire's who where standing motionless. "What's say we take care of the lackeys?"

Kennedy grinned as she reached into her jacket and pulled out her stake. "I was hopin' you'd say that."

Both women turned their attention to the other vampires, a satisfying grin on their face.

Cut to:


Bridal Suite – Later

Harmony paced. She nervously walked back and forth across the faded carpet, both hands waving in front of her. "Oh god," she said, "this is just…oh god."

Luna waited, perched on the edge of the bed, and seemed to enjoy the sight of Harmony’s totally, completely, absolutely nude body moving back and forth in front of her. In fact, her eyes seemed to be taking in every single detail and memorizing it.

"Oh god!"

"Harmony," Luna finally said. That got her to stop pacing. She even turned and looked at Luna, blue eyes flashing too many emotions to easily follow. But she waited, naked, for Luna to speak. "I love you."

"You do?" For a second, Harmony melted. The smile that shone from her face was total, brilliant, and very brief. In fact, it lasted less than half a second before her eyebrows tilted again and she began to pace once more. "Oh GOD!"

"What’s the matter? Don’t you like me?"

"Yes!" She managed to give the word three syllables. "But that’s not the point!"

"Don’t we like all the same stuff? Don’t we have a great time together?"


"Well, don’t we?"

Instead of answering, Harmony paused. She looked at Luna. Then began pacing twice as fast.

Luna stood. Her eyes smoldered as she looked at Harmony. "I’ve never known anyone like you. You’re strong, and smart, and brave."

That got Harmony’s attention. "I am?"

"Of course you are!" Luna stepped forward. "You rescued me from that madhouse where they stuck me, just ‘cause I lost my temper and blurted the truth about what happened." She shuddered a little. "They had me in a straightjacket! And then, you came into tiny little room where they had me. The orderly tried to stop you."

"Yeah, well," Harmony grinned, "its not like he was expecting a real vampire!"

Both girls giggled at the memory. "I’ll never forget that little gurgling sound he made when you bit him. The big bully."

"Took me a long time to get you out of that straightjacket, though."

"Okay—but you got me out! That’s what matters! Harmony, don’t you know you’re my knight in shining armor? You’re my hero?"

"Me?" Harmony blinked.

Luna nodded. "And it didn’t hurt that you are just…so…damn…hot!" she added huskily.

The corner of Harmony’s mouth went up a little bit. "Thanks," she said.

"Harmony—I’d do anything for you, don’t you know that? Absolutely anything. If somebody gave you a bad perm I’d personally take out his teeth and break every bone in each of his hands." If anything, Luna’s eyes were becoming brighter. "Any shop girl who even suggested that you might wear a size seven in jeans…"

"What?" Harmony sounded fascinated.

"I would cut off her head with dull saw, that’s what!" Luna looked as if she meant it.

Harmony looked like she believed her. "Wow," she said after a moment. "That is so…so…so sweet!"

"I mean it. I do!"

"I believe you! But…"

"But what? Don’t you believe I love you?"

Harmony opened her mouth, but said nothing. Then she said "I think—maybe I do."

"It’s true." Luna inched closer. "I love you, Harmony" she whispered intensely, "I love you…I love you…I love you…" Almost exactly like a bird caught in a cobra’s eyes, Harmony just looked into Luna’s, listening enraptured as the other girl continued closer. "I love you…I love you…"

Just before their lips touched, Harmony backed off. "I can’t do this!" She sounded on the verge of crying.


Cut to:


Abandoned Hotel - Lobby - Moments Later

The fight had soon carried into the lobby of the hotel. Both women had already dusted their share of vampires, but still had their hands full as more and more piled out from the various rooms.

Kennedy was busy fighting two of the blood suckers as she glanced over her shoulder to see Kadin holding her own. The slayer smiled as she slammed her fist into one of the vampire's face before taking the other out with a hard kick to the kneecap. She quickly dusted the dazed vampire before flipping over the fallen one and slamming the stake into his back.

Kadin grabbed the nearest vampire by the back of his shirt and pulled him back as he tried to scramble away. "Oh, don't leave yet. The party's just gettin' started."

Cut to:


Bridal Suite - Later

Harmony was babbling. "Luna, you’re best friend I’ve ever had. Really. The absolute best-est EVER! You’re the most fun to be with. You look after me better than anyone. The minions—I don’t know how to get them to do stuff! You do that! And you spoil me! All the time! This hotel, the bridal suite…" she waved a hand at the hotel room, seemed to almost consider something, then continued on, "the presents, the otter’s blood…"

Luna stood to the side, watching and listening, arms folded. Her eyes didn’t blink. "I know it’s your favorite."

"Oh it is!" Harmony nodded. She paused. Looked at Luna. "I think maybe I should get some clothes on. Maybe." But did nothing.

After about two whole seconds, Luna said simply, "I got you some more presents."

Two more seconds. "Like…what?"

Slowly, Luna unfolded her arms and bent down. With one hand she picked up a single little bag from the half-dozen still on the floor, unopened. This one was gold, with the entwined symbols of Venus embossed on it. "I got you a car," she said.

"A car?" Harmony blinked. "What kind?"

"A white one," Luna smiled. "A Porsche. With specially treated glass for the windows. You can see out, but sunlight, it can’t get in."

"Really?" Harmony smiled. "You are sooooo…but…Oh god."

"And I made some plans."

"What kind of plans?"

Luna shrugged a little, one strap of her nearly-transparent nightgown slipping off a sleek bare shoulder in the process. "This isn’t really a good hotel. I mean, as hide-outs go, it is high end…"

"That’s for sure. Back in Sunnydale half the time I was hiding out in a cave."

"A cave?" Luna looked distressed. "Oh, honey! Well, then, my second surprise is really something you need. And deserve."

"What is it?"

Luna took a step or two closer. "My father never found out," she said conspiratorially, "but I bought a house—well, actually at tiny chateau—just outside Paris." She took another step. "I chartered a private jet. I wanted to take you shopping in Paris."

"Paris!" Harmony’s jaw dropped. Her eyes were positively glowing. "Like in Europe?"


"I…" Harmony’s voice caught a little, "…I was going to go to France..."

"Really?" Luna stepped even closer.

"After graduation. But then, I died. So I never got to go."

"Let me take you to Europe, Harmony."

Harmony hesitated for a long few moments, her eyes almost watering.

"I like you, Luna," she said quietly, firmly. "You’re the best friend I’ve ever had. You treat me better than my parents, better than any of my boyfriends. You’re never, ever mean to me. The smartest thing I ever did—maybe the only smart thing—was get you out of the hospital. Because you’re wonderful." Luna looked happy beyond words. "But…well…you don’t have the right…parts," Harmony finished apologetically.

"Wanna bet?" One hand lifted the golden bag and held it up. Harmony hesitated, but did take the bag from Luna. She looked inside and did a take.

"That’s…uh…what is it?"

"Take it out and get a better look," suggested Luna.

Slowly, Harmony did exactly that. She looked inside the bag and reach her hand inside. She appeared unsure of what she hand in her possession and looked up to Luna’s hopeful expression.

"Oh!" This time, Harmony blinked not in confusion but recognition. "Oh," she repeated, lower this time.

With a practiced shrug, Luna let the other strap of her nightgown slide of her shoulder. The entire nightgown floated to the floor, coming to rest around her ankles. She was now precisely as naked as Harmony.

"Do you want to wear it?" she purred, "Or shall I?"

Harmony looked inside the bag then at Luna. She looked again inside the bag and then once more at Luna.


Cut to:


Abandoned Hotel - Lobby - Same Time

A female vampire flew through the air before crashing through a glass table, sending broken shards of glass and wood debris everywhere. She groaned in pain as blood ran down from the large cut above her eye.

Kennedy suddenly stepped up and reached down to rip off a piece of the broken wood. "I'm sorry. Did that hurt?"

The female vampire looked up at her through bleary vision and cried out again. The slayer reached down and hauled her up by the lapel of her leather jacket. She held her suspended in air by one arm as she lifted the makeshift stake above the vampire's head with the other.

Kennedy paused to appreciate the smooth black leather jacket. "Okay, even I know it'd be a shame to dust such good quality leather. It’s so hard to find these days, y'know."

The vampire groaned in pain as Kennedy dropped the jagged table leg and pulled the jacket from her shoulders before dropping her to the ground carelessly.

The slayer admired the jacket as she pulled it on. She ran her fingers along the sleeves and smiled.

The vampire saw that as a chance for escape as she tried to scramble to her feet. She only managed to get a few yards away before Kennedy suddenly kicked her foot out behind her and sent the jagged wood flying through the air. It ran straight through the vampire's back to shoot out the front of her chest.

It fell to the ground motionless as the she-vamp dusted into the air.

Kennedy was still smiling and admiring her newly acquired jacket as she calmly walked away.

Cut to:


Abandoned Hotel - Across the Lobby - Moments Later

Kadin had just dusted two vampires and turned to face the other direction when a fist suddenly shot into her vision before her head snapped back.

She slowly pulled her gaze to the vampire standing before her, snarling with a raised hand.

"Come on bitch!"

Kadin's eyes flashed a dangerous shade of black as she easily ducked his next swing and popped up behind him. She quickly reached out, grabbed the vampire's arm, and twisted it behind his back roughly. Her hand shot to her lip as her finger ran across the cut and revealed a tiny streak of blood on the tip.

The hunter leaned into the vampire's ear and whispered dangerously, "You *really* shouldn'a done that." The vampire howled in pain as he felt the bone in his arm shatter beneath the force of the hunter's grip. "And don't ever call me bitch. It's not nice."

Kadin placed her boot in the center of his back and kicked him away in disgust. She reached to her waist and pulled her crossbow from its clip. She leveled it at the vampire's back and shot the arrow towards him.

The vampire jolted forward from the force before howling as he turned to vapor.

Cut to:


Bridal Suite -- Later

The bed’s sheets were a lighter pink than the walls, and moved as the two figures beneath the sheets shifted position.

"I…uh…oh! I’ve never done this before," said Harmony. "I did actually think about it a couple of times, but…"

"You’re doing fine," Luna assured her. She shifted her hips.

"Oh! That seems to work better!"

"Practice makes perfect."

"Cool. So—is this right?"

In answer to Harmony’s question, Luna reached up with one leg. It wrapped itself around one hip of the girl above, groped its way into the best position, and then pushed/pulled Harmony forward!

Luna moaned in pleasure. Harmony’s eyes got if anything even bigger. "Woah," she said. Then she closed her eyes. "Woah," she repeated, but deeper, huskier.

"That’s right…" urged Luna.

Harmony cooed, then laugh. "This is easier than I thought," she said with a giggle.

Cut to:


Abandoned Hotel - Main Hallway - Moments Later

The double doors exploded outward as the vampire's body flew into it, the force shattering the rotten wood into a hundred pieces. The demon whimpered as he scrambled to his feet.

A sudden dark shadow fell over him and he looked up in sheer terror as Kennedy slowly stepped in from the light. "Goin' somewhere?"

The vampire shifted his eyes nervously before suddenly springing to his feet and trying to scurry away. Kennedy laughed as she reached out and grabbed him by the back of the collar. "Not so fast, speedy." She yanked him hard, causing him to stumble back straight against her body. She looked down at him and lifted her arm into his view.

"You tore my new jacket," she said as she nodded to the tiny slit running along the inside of the elbow. "That makes me very upset."

The vampire smiled nervously. "I'm...sorry?"

Kennedy smiled and turned her head to the top of the busted door way. She yanked a piece of the broken wood from the frame before slowly dropping her eyes back to the vampire's.

"Not as sorry as you're gonna be."

Cut to:


Abandoned Hotel - Lobby - Same Time

Kadin smiled as the last two remaining vampires advanced on her from both sides. She reached down to her thighs for a stake and the smile suddenly faded from her face when she only felt air.

"Well, don't that just suck," she laughed as she pulled her hands away and stared down the two vampires. "Wouldn't happen to have an extra stake on you, would ya?"

The vampires grinned at each other before turning their attention back and advancing on Kadin.

Out of nowhere, Kennedy's voice shouted, "Kadin, get down!"

The hunter instantly dropped to one knee as she felt the sudden rush of air behind her back.

Kennedy vaulted into mid air, kicking her legs out sideways as she flipped over the hunter's back. She quickly locked arms with the other woman as her body weight slung her whole body over the Kadin’s back. Her boot collided thickly with one of the vampire's jaw, knocking him back. The slayer's momentum dropped her to land solidly on her feet and lifted Kadin into the air simultaneously.

The hunter caught on quickly as she kicked her right foot out and slammed her boot into the other vampire's jaw as she was propelled over the slayer's back before landing solidly on her feet beside her.

Kadin looked over to Kennedy with a winded, and slightly impressed look.

Kennedy grinned. "Thought you could use some help."

"From you?" Kadin replied as she caught her breath and returned the grin wholeheartedly. "Always."

By this time, both vampires had managed to scramble to their feet. They were quickly scurrying away while the two women were locked in a deep stare.

After a long, lingering stare, Kadin finally broke the moment with a nod over to the rapidly retreating vampires.

Kennedy grinned. "First one there gets to stake 'em."

Kadin chuckled. "You're on."

Both women took off after the vampires.

Cut to:


Abandoned Hotel - Main Hallway - Moments Later

Kadin was in a full sprint as she grinned back over her shoulder to see Kennedy not far behind. She laughed to herself before calling back, "You comin'?"

Cut to:


Bridal Suite – Same

By now the sheets were akimbo. And the sounds of creaking filled the room. The bed was old. It tended to creak as it moved. And it was moving. Quite a lot. With a rising and speeding rhythm.

"Yes…" whimpered Luna.

"Oh, yeah," agreed Harmony, trembling. She grabbed Luna’s mouth with her own and they kissed. Their rhythms did not slow, and now the noises they made were smothered as they kept lips—and tongues—in contact.

Cut to:


Main Bridal Suite - Moments Later

One of the vampires tripped over an upturned rug and fell face first to the ground. His buddy looked back hesitantly before suddenly spotting the two women make a quick turn around the corner. He looked back down to the other vampire even as he was starting to run again. "Sorry, man. You're on your own."

The fallen vampire groused in frustration as he stumbled to his feet. "Petey! I'm gonna get you for th--"

Before he could finish his sentence, he was suddenly tackled from behind as Kadin's body slammed into him at full force. The hunter quickly regained her composure and she pinned the vampire's shoulders down with her knees.

The sudden flash of Kennedy running by caught her eye and she looked up just in time to see the slayer tackle the other vampire from behind.

Kadin smiled before turning her attention back to her own fiend.

"You know," she started as she looked along the wall before spotting the desired object. She stretched out the short distance and wrapped her hand around the leg of a broken down table. The wood shattered easily beneath her grip.

With the makeshift stake in hand, the hunter leaned down to whisper in the vampire's ear. "You really shouldn't make promises you can't keep."

She lifted the table leg into the air and then slammed it into the vampire's back. Just as he turned to powdered remains, the hunter heard the sound of a boot cracking against rotted wood. She looked up to see Kennedy snag a piece of the shattered door out of mid air and then slam it down into the other vampire's back.

He dusted just as quickly and she smiled as the slayer turned back and started to calmly make her way over.

Cut to:


Bridal Suite – Same

From the bed, Harmony looked up. Below her, so did Luna. They both looked at the door to the foyer of the Bridal suite, which in turn led to the door.

"Did you hear that?" Harmony said.

"Yeah," said a now-worried Luna.

"I’ve heard that sound before."

"What is it?"

"Fighting. As in a bunch of Slayers or slayer-wannabes, or scoobies or demon-hunters or…somebody…fighting their way in here. Spoiling everything!"

"They’re getting closer."

"I know," Harmony sounded worried. Afraid even.

Luna scrambled forward and grabbed a robe and purse. And another robe. She tossed it to Harmony. "I think," she said breathlessly, "I owe you a trip to Europe." She grinned, looking disheveled and triumphant.

Harmony grinned too. Rising, she donned the robe. "Is the car here?"

"Right downstairs."

"How do we get there?"

Luna reached out and took her hand. "The servant’s entrance. The freight elevator’ll take us straight down."

Clasping her hand to Luna’s, Harmony smiled. "Together?"

"Together," Luna nodded.

And they ran for the exit, hand in hand.

Cut to:


Abandoned Hotel - Main Hallway - Same Time

Kennedy reached down and extended her hand out to the hunter. Kadin took it and allowed herself to be pulled up onto her feet. She stared back into Kennedy's eyes intensely for a short moment before she finally turned away.

Kennedy sucked in a slow breath as she turned to face the door to the suite. Without speaking a word, she lifted her boot and slammed it into the door.

Cut to:


Abandoned Hotel - Bridal Suite - Moments Later

The door swung open easily, but did not shatter. It seemed to be the only well kept room in the entire building.

Kennedy took in the soft pink boudoir, running her eyes from the walls to down over the bed. The sheets were rumpled and strewn about.

"Looks like someone left in quite a hurry," Kadin said as she stepped over a pile of discarded clothes.

Kennedy nodded as she continued to take in the state of the room. She slowly made her way over to the bed and pulled back the pink sheets. A slow smile came to her face at what she saw.

"Well, looks like they forgot something," the slayer chuckled as she looked over at Kadin.

The hunter smirked as she bent down and lifted a pair of handcuffs on the end of her finger. "Looks like they forgot two somethings."

Kennedy raised a brow as she flickered her eyes from the handcuffs back up to Kadin.

Kadin grinned.

Cut to:


Watcher's Council - Lobby Entrance - Later

The door swung open and Kennedy stumbled in backwards as the force of Kadin's kiss nearly knocked her from her feet.

The hunter was soon to follow as she reached behind her blindly to shut the door. The tips of her fingers caught the edge and she used all the strength she could muster to swing it shut.

Kennedy pulled back from the kiss long enough to grab Kadin by the hips and pull her into her body roughly before latching back onto her lips.

The slayer started to pull both their bodies backwards towards the stairs as she struggled to keep her lips locked with the hunter's in the deep, passionate kiss.

"K-Kennedy?" Kadin chuckled lightly as she finally managed to wiggle out of the slayer's tight, but gentle embrace. She looked back into the deep, dilated eyes of the other woman and took a slow, calming breath. "As much as I'm really enjoying this, I think we better cool it at least until we get behind closed doors."

Kennedy grinned through her deep breathing. "Never pegged you for the shy type."

"Oh, I'm not," Kadin answered instantly. "But I figure if you gotta work every day side by side with these people, you could do without the knowing stares and the quiet whispers behind your back."

Kennedy seemed to ponder it for a moment before finally nodding, "Good point." She reached out and grabbed Kadin by the hand, pulling her up the stairs. "Let's go."

Kadin laughed as she allowed herself to be hauled up the stairs.

Cut to:


Kennedy's Bedroom - Moments Later

The door slammed shut as Kadin was shoved roughly against it. She only had a moment to breath before the slayer latched back onto her lips in a deep kiss. The hunter's eyes slipped closed and she moaned into the other woman's mouth as she felt the force of the kiss shoot through every nerve cell in her body.

Kadin sucked in a quiet gasp as she felt Kennedy's hands suddenly sneak beneath her shirt. She forced her eyes open to see the slayer had taken a step back and was staring deeply into her eyes. The intensity of the look was too much for Kadin as she suddenly leaped forward and attached her lips to the slayer's once again.

Kadin pushed Kennedy back towards the bed even as her hands slipped over the slayer's shoulders to quickly rid her of the jacket. She wasted no time in reaching down and snagging the hem of Kennedy's shirt and pulling it over her head.

Kadin groaned as she looked down to see Kennedy's soft skin shining in the moonlight that filtered in through the curtain. Kennedy moaned as she suddenly reached out and wrapped her arms under Kadin's thighs, hoisting her up into the air.

The hunter smiled as she balanced herself with one hand on the slayer's shoulder and the other braced against the ceiling. Both women shared a small laugh as Kennedy finally fell back onto the bed.

Kadin let out a gentle sigh as she stared down into the other woman's eyes. She lifted her hand and ran her index finger along Kennedy's eyebrow, pushing the stray strand of hair back off her face. She gazed down into her soft eyes.

"I love you, Kennedy."

The words caused the slayer to instantly stiffen. She stared back up into Kadin's eyes for a long moment before a slow and gentle smile spread across her lips. She leaned up the short distance and captured the hunter's lips in a tender kiss.

Kennedy slipped her hands up the hunter's back to her shoulders and down again. She wrapped her fingers around the hem of Kadin's tank and quickly divested her of the garment. She kept her eyes locked with the other woman's as she slipped her hands around to the front of her pants.

Kadin's hand suddenly shot up and covered the slayer's as it went to work on her belt. Kennedy looked up at her confused, but the hunter only smiled as she looked back into the slayer's eyes before slowly releasing her hand.

A moment later, the hunter's eyes closed and she let out a murmur as she fell forward, leaning her forehead against Kennedy's. The slayer reclaimed her lover's lips in a passionate kiss as her shoulder began to move.

Cut to:


Kennedy's Bedroom - Later

The slayer was lying in bed, staring up at the ceiling. Her body was sprawled out beneath the sheets as she listened to the slow tick of the clock. She continued to stare up a few moments more before slowly turning her head to glance at the woman beside her.

Kadin was lying on her stomach, fast asleep. The sheet had fallen to the middle of her back, exposing the deep scars of her past. Kennedy's eyes flickered from the scars on the hunter's back to her face that was mere inches from her own.

Kennedy felt a soft smile spread across her lips as she closed her eyes and settled down into the pillow, nuzzling closer to the other woman. She shifted her legs and pulled her body closer to Kadin's.

"I love you too," she whispered softly as she drifted off to sleep.

The room was quiet except for the steady tick of the clock.

Fade Out



End of Strange Bedfellows


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