Act One


Lacey Chambert as Skye, Michelle Rodriguez as Kadin Van Helsing, Gale Harold as Jim Pollan, Caroline Dhavernas as Grace Hatherley and Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers

Guest Starring:
Tyne Daly as Adrienne Winchester, Jack Davenport as Chris Michaels and Edward Woodward as James Tyrell 



Fade In:


Watchers Council Ė Dining Hall Ė Later That Afternoon

"Hey ladies," Kennedy said as she walked over and took a seat next to Kadin, who was seated across from Adrienne.

"So how did the meeting go after I left?" Adrienne asked. "Things seemed to get pretty heated."

"I think Ďheatedí is an understatement," Kennedy remarked.

"I think sheís nuts," Kadin remarked. "If Ro plans on going there aloneÖ"

"Sheís not," Kennedy simply replied.

Kadin just looked at Kennedy for a moment and then asked, "Meaning?"

"You guys missed the rest of the discussion," Kennedy replied.

Kadin studied Kennedy for a moment. "So youíre going?" she asked. "Have you suddenly gone crazy too? Who the hell nominated you for this suicide mission?"

"I did," Kennedy replied. "I volunteered."

"Well, I guess Iím crazy too then. Looks like Iíll be traveling again," Kadin sighed to Adrienne.

"No, you wonít," Kennedy told her.

"What?" Kadin exclaimed. "I heard what Adrienne said in that meeting andó"

"I want you to stay here."


"Because like you, I heard what she said too," Kennedy replied as she nodded toward Adrienne. "Iíve got to get back," she said as she started to rise.

"You canít do this, Ken," Kadin replied.

"I can and I have to," she said softly before turning her back and walking away.

"I canít believe sheís doing this. If she thinks she can justó"

"Kadin," Adrienne interrupted her rant. "Make your peace with her. Even if youíre still mad by the time she goes, let her know you love her and support her."

"Why should I start putting on false airs for her now? Iíve always beenó"

"You might regret it later if you donít," Adrienne said in a gentle voice.

Cut To:


Willow and Rowenaís Apartment Ė Bedroom Ė Later

Rowena was pulling out a heavy coat from her closet as Willow stood in the bedroom doorway.

"Youíre not doing this," Willow said, her resolve face firmly in place.

"Yes, I am," Rowena answered as she tossed the coat on the bed and returned toward the closet again.

Willowís expression softened as she entered the room. "Please listen to me, okay?" Rowena stopped what she was doing and turned to face Willow. "I heard what Adrienne said. I saw the prosthetic hand she has thanks to a vacation out at this place. So if you wonít go with a group, thenÖgo with me. I can help you."

Rowena said nothing at first. "Finished?"

"For now."

"No," Rowena answered flatly before heading back to the closet.

Willow sighed. "Why are you being so pig headed about this?"

"Easy. I love you, and Iím not putting you in that kind of danger, period."

"But youíll put yourself there? How do you think Iím gonna handle you being gone for weeks or monthsÖmaybe forever?"

"I donít expect you to wait for me," Rowena answered. "If all goes well, it wonít take me long butÖ"

"But what?"

"If Iím not back in three months, realize I wonít be back at all and move on."

Willow harrumphed. "Oh itís that simple, is it?"

"Nothing about this is simple," Rowena said with a slight whimper. She looked away for a moment as if deep in thought.

Flashback Nov. 2002:


London Ė Old Watchers Council Ė Library Ė Morning

"We have a job for you. Something is coming. Our coven has felt it," Quentin Travers told Rowena as he took her by the arm and walked side by side through the library of the Watchers Council in London.

"I know," Rowena replied. Quentin looked at Rowena with a hint of surprise. "Althenea and I talk frequently," she explained. "Sheís told me the covenís felt something growing, something from below."

"Yes," he remarked. "But what exactly, weíre not sureÖThereís a book we need you to retrieve."

"Sounds simple enough," Rowena remarked.

"Nothing about this is simple," he warned her. "We have an idea of where to start our search but aside from thatÖ"

"If you give me what information you have, Iíll do my best," Rowena replied.

Quentin smiled. "I know, dear. Thatís why I handpicked you for this task."

Cut To:


Willow and Rowenaís Apartment Ė Bedroom Ė Resume

"Nothing about this is simple," Rowena repeated, her voice more steady, as she locked eyes with Willow again. "If anything, this trip is going to be a lot harder than last time."

"And whyís that? Older? Not as quick as you used to be?" Willow asked with a hint of anger in her voice.

"No!" Rowena answered. "This time itís not just about getting the book! Itís about getting back home to you! So Iím sorry, Will, butÖno. Iím not putting you, or anyone else from this Council, at risk." Rowena looked over her shoulder, and Willow turned around to see Buffy enter, followed by Faith and Kennedy.

"Sorry to interrupt, but we heard the loud voices," Buffy replied.

"And the door was open," Kennedy added.

"SoÖto what do we owe the pleasure of your company?" Rowena asked.

"We took a vote," Faith began.

"About?" Rowena asked.

"About you going alone, Blondie. And for the record, you lost," Faith replied. "Majority rules, and weíve nominated Slick here to go with you. She agreed, so itís a done deal."

"No," Rowena said quickly. "Absolutely not."

"Too bad," Buffy replied. "One of the downfalls of democracy you might say. We voted; you lost."

Rowena paused a moment. "No, Kennedy is-is too impetuous, too short-tempered and-and too inexperienced to handle this," she said, looking straight at the slayer.

Kennedyís mouth opened. "The hell I am," she retorted. She stopped a moment. "Wait a second. Youíre baiting me, trying to get me pissed so that I wonít go. Well, sorry, itís not going to work."

"Son of a bitch," Rowena swore under her breath. "I need a cigarette," she griped. "Faith?"

"Sorry, I quit again."

"Son of a bitch," Rowena swore again.

"Look," Buffy began. "Thereís a reason we picked Ken."

"To drive me insane?"

"Among other things," Buffy answered with a slight grin. "No, the reason is Kenís good, damn good."

"Thank you," Kennedy replied proudly.

"And we canít have both you and Faith out there if this mission is as dangerous as everyone is saying," Buffy went on. "And we donít want to send Willow for obvious reasons."

"Being?" Willow asked.

"There isnít enough emotional distance there," Buffy replied. "If one of youÖgets killedÖthe other might not have the sense of mind to save themselves."

"Which is why I also told Kadin to stay home," Kennedy interjected.

"Oh, so since I donít give a damn about you, thatís the logical choice then?" Rowena asked Kennedy sardonically.

"And thank you," Kennedy said again, but indignant this time.

"I was being sarcastic," Rowena told Kennedy before turning to Buffy again. "No matter who you send, Iím going to worry about them, but yes, for the record, at least we agree that Willow shouldnít be there."

"So do we have a deal? You go, but only if Ken goes?" Buffy asked.

Rowena sighed. "Do I have a choice?" she asked.

"Technically, no," Faith answered. "We decided if you donít go along with it, weíll relieve you of your watcher position. In other words, weíll axe you and forbid you from setting foot on Council property, which might be inconvenient since, you know, you and your girlfriend live here."

"You canít do that," Willow said.

"Actually, we can," Buffy told her. "It was Faithís idea, and we looked it up. Itís in the big blue binder from hell, which I finally had a chance to read over the summer."

"Yeah, thanks to the charter that you, Giles and Rowena wrote," Faith said, speaking to Willow, "itís a dismissible violation of her Council Oath. You guys are the ones that put it in there," Faith said with a grin.

"Youíre loving the irony of this, arenít you?" Rowena asked.

Faith just grinned wider and nodded quickly, making Rowena sigh. "So that means if you donít want Jim Pollan to be named the official lead watcher of the Cleveland branch, then you better welcome Kennedy on the trip with open arms," Faith said as a final dig.

"For a woman who claims sheís not too brightÖ" Rowena began.

"I have my moments," Faith replied as she smiled even wider. "I canít tell you most of the state capitals, but I do know what motivates people. So really, do you want to see Jim in charge around here?"

Rowena finally cracked the tiniest of grins and turned to Kennedy. "Go pack your bags Ė cold weather clothes are a must."

"Where are we going exactly?"

"Siberia," Rowena told her.

"Oh lovely," Kennedy sighed.

Flashback Nov. 2002:


Istanbul Ė Rowenaís Flat Ė Night

"Oh lovely," Ipek sighed.

"Yeah, not much of a dream vacation, huh?" Rowena answered as she packed her suitcase.

"I still donít get why I canít go with you," Ipek told her. "Yeah, Siberia, not the most appealing of places to be on earth, but stillÖIím your potential."

"Because I have my orders Ė I have to do this alone. Itís very dangerous."

"How dangerous?" Ipek asked.

"Very," Rowena answered.

"Like deadly dangerous?" Ipek asked.

Rowena didnít answer at first but then said, "Maybe. Which is why I want you to stay in Istanbul where itís safe. That means if I havenít come back by your birthday, you have to get to London and speak to Quentin Travers."

"What is he going to do? Send out the search and rescue?"

"Heíll assign you a new watcher," she answered.

"Wait. You mean the Council is just going to toss you in the middle of a snow field, and if you donít come back, theyíll push me off onto someone else."

"Siberia is actually a desert, not a snow field," Rowena began.

"Donít start pulling out the academics on me. Youíre gonna come back. You have to come back."

"One way or another, youíll be okay," Rowena assured her.

"Look, Iím not going to try to teach another watcher with no musical rhythm how to belly dance. You were hard enough," she replied.

Rowena began to grin, and so did Ipek for a moment. But soon a look of sadness and worry crossed Ipekís face the longer they looked at each other.

"Hey," Rowena told her as she pushed the girlís hair behind her ear. "Stay out of trouble, and Iíll be back before you know it. Okay?"

Ipek swallowed hard. "Okay."

"Trust me?"

"Yes," Ipek said firmly.

"Thatís my girl," Rowena said proudly.

Flash To:


London Ė Altheneaís Flat Ė Entryway Ė Late At Night

Althenea opened her door to see Rowena and Kennedy standing there.

"We need your help," Rowena announced.

"Willow called, and I must confess I think youíre absolutely bonkers about going back," Althenea replied.

"Right," Rowena answered shortly and began to move around Althenea, going inside. "Now, about your help."

Cut To:


London Ė Altheneaís Flat Ė Living Room Ė Moments Later

"I donít get it," Kennedy said as she sat next to Rowena on Altheneaís sofa. "Itís just a book."

"I concur," Althenea said under her breath from the chair across from them.

Kennedy turned to Rowena. "Whatís so important about it?"

"It contains information on the first vampires of the world, what happens as the demon enters, if different Ďbloodlinesí exist, so on and so forth."

"Thatís all?" Kennedy asked. "Weíre doing all of this so you can get some CliffsNotes for your research?"

"Iím thinking that book holds more than just vampire lore," Rowena continued. "If Tyrell is after it, then it has to hold more than what Iím expecting."

"And youíre willing to bet your life on that?" Althenea asked. "And hers?" she added, pointing to Kennedy.

"I didnít ask her to come, but yesÖIím willing to stake my life on it," Rowena answered.

Althenea sighed, "Rowena, dear..."

"Al, you know what would have happened if I hadnít gotten the Opus, right? If I had just given up? Ubervamps would be ruling the world now."

"Iím confused," Kennedy piped into the conversation. "Can someone hit rewind because I think I missed something here?"

Althenea and Rowena both ignored the question as Rowena continued, "There has to be something in this manuscript, something that Tyrell knows that we donít. The Council, hell, the world canít afford it being in his hands or those that heís with right now. You know thatís true. And the longer we sit and debate this, the closer Tyrellís goons will get to itÖSo, are you going to help me again or not?"

Althenea closed her eyes.

Flashback Nov. 2002:


Devon, England Ė Coven Room Ė Day

Rowenaís body convulsed as a pink-colored smoke seemed to eclipse her body. Spread out around her was the Devon Coven, all linked together holding hands. As the smoke dissipated, Rowenaís body swayed, and the coven released one another. Just seconds before Rowena began to tumble face first, Althenea rushed forward to catch her fall. The priestess turned the watcher over in her lap and stroked her hair gently.

"Iíll see to her," Althenea told the magic gatherers. "Go on," she said, nodding them to leave.

As the group began to leave, Rowena slowly opened her eyes to see Althenea smiling over her, stroking her damp blonde hair. Despite her weakness, Rowena began to grin too.

"Do you think it took?" Rowena asked.

"I canít say for sure," Althenea replied. "Youíre not officially trained in the Wiccan arts soÖtry not to test it if possible, all right?"

"All right," Rowena muttered and closed her eyes again.

Althenea continued to hold Rowena close to her as small tears formed at the corners of the witchís eyes. She leaned over and kissed Rowena gently on the top of her forehead.

"May the gods and goddess watch over you," she said softly.

Flash To:


London Ė Altheneaís Flat Ė Living Room Ė Resume

"So what do you say?" Rowena asked again. "Weíve got a flight to Moscow that leaves in four hours."

Althenea opened her eyes. "If you donít make it back, itíll kill her. You know that, donít you? Sheíll spend the rest of her life lonely. Sheís lost one lover to an early death; she canít lose another."

"We donít know that will happenÖbut I do know you can increase our chances of making it back, just like last time."

Althenea teared up. "Sheís not the only one who loves you, you know."

Rowena reached over and took Altheneaís hands in hers. "I knowÖthatís why Iím asking for your help, so I can get back to everyone Ė you especially."

Althenea let out a long breath. "Bugger, girl. Youíre going to go regardless of whether I help or not, arenít you?" Rowena simply nodded. "Fine," Althenea said, rising from her chair. "The two of you come with me."

"Thank you, Al," Rowena said with a smile.

"Donít thank me, just promise me youíll both come home."

"I canít pró"

"Just promise," Althenea said, near tears again.

Rowena seemed to swallow the unspoken words. "Okay, I promise," she said softly.

"All right then," Althenea said, straightening her shoulders. "Letís see what we can do, but give me a day."

Rowena looked concerned. "Al, we donít have a day," she argued.

"I need to assemble everyone," Althenea replied. "Iíll do it, but we do it on my terms." Rowena opened her mouth to argue again, but Althenea held up her finger, placing it over Rowena's lips. "And if you say no, so help me Iíll put you in a binding spell until I have everyone assembled. We both know without these magics you wouldnít have succeeded last time. That means youíre not leaving without them. So again, my terms. Understood?"

Althenea removed her finger from Rowena's lips and Kennedy grinned. "WowÖshe certainly put the smack down on you, didnít she?"

Rowena began to grin. "Sheís one of the few people in this world who can," she replied to Kennedy before looking at Althenea. "All right, Al, one day."

Cut To:


Watchers Council Ė Buffyís Office Ė The Next Day Ė Afternoon

Buffy heard a knock at her door and heard Gilesís voice call out.

"May we come in?"

Buffy automatically smiled from behind her desk. "Yeah, itís open."

As Buffy rose, Giles entered holding a baby carrier in one hand, which held Martin. He stood in the doorway a moment motioning Elizabeth to follow him inside. She wore a white sundress with a sunflower in the middle of it as she toddled along.

"Look at you," Buffy said proudly. "All family man with the brood."

He smiled as he put the baby down on the floor by a chair while Elizabeth walked inside, taking in all the sights of her new surroundings. Buffy approached the young girl slowly and stooped down to her height as she outstretched her arms.

"Hey, Liz," she said in a friendly tone. "Let me see that pretty dress."

With a big smile Elizabeth took uneven steps toward Buffy, but once she was in motion, she moved swiftly into Buffyís arms. The slayer then picked her up, coming face to face with Giles.

Elizabeth pointed to the desk and said, "Books."

Buffy snorted and smiled before looking at Giles.

"Yep," she answered, "Books. Lots and lots of books and all of them boring as hellóI mean, heck," she corrected herself quickly. "Sorry, usually donít have to watch the words I choose," Buffy apologized to Giles. "Well, there is nooo denying this is your child, Giles. She already knows what books are," she teased him, making he smile even broader.

Elizabeth reached for Giles, and Buffy handed her over to him before she started to fuss.

"Looks like youíve been reintroduced to books as well," he shot back as he adjusted Elizabeth on his hip.

Buffy rolled her eyes and motioned to the chair for Giles to sit down, which he did, as she walked around the desk.

"You know all those classes I missed in high school while off killing things or doing recon during the day? Iím making up for lost time, it seems. Karma can be a real biÖbitcka."

Giles grinned. "All in all, Iíd say youíre adapting quite well. In fact, I think Rowena made an excellent call."

"Tell that to my index fingers, which are turning into numbs because of all the page turning," she remarked.

"Honestly, Buffy, I never thought Iíd see the day."

"What day? The one where Iím buried alive under mounds upon mounds of 20 pound recycled photocopy paper?"

"No, the day when you seemed content, settled. It looks good on you, my dear."

Buffy blushed. "Well, itís taken me a while but I think Iím getting settled. Plus, weíve got a new guy here who I must confess is sex on a stick. My god, Giles, this man is so handsome it hurts andó"

Giles held up his hand. "I get the point. Heís attractive. Heís notÖ?"

"No, heís not undead. Heís a watcher actually, so no branch conflict garbage. But, heís older. Not 200 years but stillÖ"

"Has he asked you out?"

"No, but knowing my luck, itís probably moot."

"What makes you say that? Youíre a beautiful young woman, Buffy."

"Thanks for the compliment, but Iím thinking itís more him than me. Heís probably gay, or evil. Well, Rowena already thinks heís evil." Gilesís eyebrows rose. "Not like evil evil. She knew him years ago, and they have somewhat of a history."


"Not like a romantic type of history. Theyíre both very driven watcher types and seem to try to Ďout-watcherí each other. Now that I think about it, heís probably too tweedy for my taste. Well that, and if anything did happen, I donít see any double dates with Will in the future. Like Faith says, when him and Ro are in a room, you canít cut the tension with even a macheteÖAnyway, enough about me. Whatís up with you? I see Martin out and about. Heís doing good?"

"Excellent," Giles answered. "This is the first trip out with him since heís come home actually."

"And you brought him all the way here to see me?"

"Yes, and Willow too, I must confess."

"Oh fine, Iím just a pit stop on the way to see the big gun."

Giles looked over his shoulder and leaned forward. "Youíll always be my favorite one girl in all the world. Right along with this one," he said, resting his head on Elizabethís head.

"Nice recovery," Buffy complimented.

"Thought so too," Giles replied.

Buffy smiled and began to stand up. "Come on. Letís go see what Willís up to."

Cut To:


Watchers Council Ė Hallway Ė Moments Later

Giles carried Martinís carrier while Buffy walked with Elizabeth in her arms.

"So, how goes the task of informing the world about demons and such?" Giles asked.

"Oh, where to start?" Buffy sighed. "Letís see, weíve got teenage girls all over who are so desperate for attention theyíre posing as slayers. Weíve got the parents of real slayers holding out on us unless we offer free education for their kids at an Ivy League school. We get calls from people saying theyíve seen everything from UFOís to Big Foot, and weíre supposed to handle it. Some days itís just one headache after another," she ended in another sigh.

Giles grinned again. "But youíre handling it all very well."

"Yeah, Ro was helping me quite a bit while doing her vamp research, but now sheís off to Russia with Kennedy to get some book about vamps."

"You put Rowena and Kennedy together? On a mission?"

"Yep, it was Kenís idea. Oh, and James Tyrell is still on the loose, looking for the same book Roís after."

Giles stopped walking, making Buffy stop. "James Tyrell hasnít been found yet?"

"Nope, and he got to Roís contact. He asked about the book, saying he was working for the Watchers Council. You really need to stop by more often, Giles."

"Obviously," he said as they continued on again.

Cut To:


Moscow Ė Train Station Ė Same Time - Night

"You know," Kennedy began as she tightened her jacket around her at the Russian train station, "Latino women are not meant to be subjected to these types of temperatures."

Rowena grinned. "I can send you home if you like."

"Donít count on it," Kennedy replied. "Iíll adapt."

"It was worth a shot," Rowena muttered.

"Okay, thatís it," Kennedy said, tossing her hands in the air before stuffing them in her back pockets. "Iím getting real tired of you trying to get rid of me."

"Itís no secret that I donít want you here, so why should I pretend?" Rowena asked.

"Look, I know you think I canít cut it butó"

"Thatís not it."

"Then enlighten me here."

Rowena paused.

Cut To:


Watchers Council Ė Coven Room Ė Moments Later

"Iíll see to these after Iíve finished training with Lorinda," Jeff said to Willow as he began to make his way from the coven room. He stopped and turned around. "If you need me, or if you hear anything from Ro, call me okay? Doesnít matter what time," he added.

Willow gave him an appreciative smile. "Thanks, Jeff."

He nodded and began to move toward the door as Giles and Buffy came inside. "Oh hi," he said. "How are you doing, Mr. Giles?"

"I canít complain," he answered.

"Good, Iíd stay and chat, but Iím late for Lorindaís training. Are you going to be around?"

"For a while," Giles answered.

"Great. Iíll send a page later to see if youíre still here when Iím finished."

"Lovely," Giles answered.

"Buffy," Jeff said, giving her a respectful nod as she waved.

They both watched him walk away. "He looks soÖmature," Giles replied.

"Yeah, grownups everywhere around here lately," she teased.

"Hey guys," Willow said as she walked over.

"Hey Will," Buffy began. "Giles here needs a favor."

"Nothing like cutting to the chase," he remarked. "How are you, Willow? Buffy told me of the mission?"

"Worried, nervous, scared for Roís life. Other than thatÖgood, I suppose. Whatís up?"

"I realize I should have called, and we can do this some other time if youíre not up to it."

"No, itís okay," Willow insisted. "What did you need?"

Giles paused a moment. "I need you to do a spell," he said.

Willow looked down at Martin. "If itís a healing spell, Giles, really, I canító"

"Not a healing spell," he replied. Willow looked confused. "The Watcher Spell. I think one of these children might be chosen."

Buffy and Willow looked at each other in surprise, then at the kids, and then back at each other again.

Cut To:


Moscow Ė Train Station Ė Night 

"Out with it," Kennedy prompted. "Why are you in such a sure-fire hurry to send me home?"

Rowena still didnít answer immediately. "Itíll kill Will if she lost either of us, and thereís a good chance that one of us, or both of us, wonít make it home, okay?"

"You dying, yeah, that would get her. Me, not so much," Kennedy replied.

"She loves you, Ken. She always will. YouÖDamn, Iím going to regret saying this because Iíll never live it down butÖthereís no way Iíd be with her today if it werenít for you. I never would have approached Willow at all had she not come to me first, and that never would have happened if you hadnít convinced her that her life was still worth living. Youíve helped her more than you realize."

Kennedy was quiet for a moment. "I never thought of it that way."

"Which means if I fail, she might need you again for strength. And if you havenít thought of that, I have. Lots of times. I owe you a debt of gratitude, and I donít want anything to happen to you. So Iím worried about you being here, hell Iím worried about me, but if you went home, thatís one less thing Iíd have to worry about."

"Well, Iím not going home without you, so what do I have to do to make it easier?"

Rowena looked at Kennedy for a moment. "Nothing," she replied.

"No, you just thought of something," Kennedy retorted.

"I did, but it would be fruitless," she said, starting to walk.

"Try me."

"Okay," Rowena said, facing her. "I need you to do what I say, when I say, and at all times. And I donít need any questions or debates when I do it."

"Fine," Kennedy replied.

Rowena snorted. "You say that now, but I know whatís going to happen. The first moment I order you to do something, itís going to end up becoming a committee meeting."

"Youíre not giving me enough credit here."

"Iím not?"

Kennedy shook her head. "Nope, youíre not. Iím not going to argue because A, youíve done this before. Something that Ė from all Iíve heard so far Ė no oneís been able to do once, much less twice. B, you speak the language here. I canít tell Russian from German, so I canít communicate with anyone anyway. And C, we both have people waiting for us in Cleveland, so if taking a few orders from you gets me home to Kadin, Iím there 110 percent." Rowena looked surprised. "Again, you donít give me enough credit. Yeah, Iíve got a chip on my shoulder, but Iím also smarter than you think."

"I donít think youíre stupid, Ken," Rowena replied. "I think youíre headstrong, and we need to be a team if weíre gonna make it back."

"Like I said Ro," she said, stressing her nickname with a grin. "Iím there. Just tell me what to do first."

Rowena gave her a slight grin. "First, we board the train."

"After you," Kennedy said with a similar grin and a wave of her hand.

Flashback Nov. 2002:


Moscow Ė Train Station Ė Early Evening

Rowena stood on the train platform.

Near the train stood a young man waving her over.

"After you," he said with a grin as his hand held the handrail.

"No offense," she began, "but Iíd like to keep you in front of me rather than behind me if you donít mind."

With a sigh he boarded ahead of her.

Flashback Nov. 2002:


Moscow Ė Train Compartment Ė Moments Later

They took seats across from each other, and Rowena reached into her pocket.

"Good, call Tyrell and ask himó"

Instead of producing a cell phone, Rowena held a small gun in her hand. She reached into her pocket again, this time pulling out her cell phone and hitting a few numbers before putting it to her ear.

"Mr. Travers," she began. "Itís Rowena. Iíve got a man here by the name of Chris Michaels. He says James Tyrell sent him on this mission to assist me. Is that correct?" Rowena paused and listened. The young man lost his grin and held his breath as Rowena suddenly cocked the gun. "Donít bother. Iíll try to reach him. Thanks." Rowena hung up.


"Travers didnít send you," Rowena told him. "And heís the one who sent me."

"No, I told you. Tyrell sent me," he said. "Now can we un-cock the gun? Those little firearms arenít the most reliable."

Rowena ignored him as she dialed again.

"James?" she asked after listening for a moment. "Rowena. Do you know a guy named Chris Michaels?ÖDescription pleaseÖOkay, heís here now. ThanksÖYou too." Rowena un-cocked the gun, and Michaels seemed to release the breath he was holding as she hung up. "Youíre clean, I guess."

"Told you," he pouted. "Now can we not kill each other on this mission? We are working toward the same goal after all."

"Just donít get in my way," Rowena told him.

"Looks like someone got up on the wrong side of the bed today. Sheesh," he muttered.

Rowena looked at him sternly. "I donít know you. I donít trust you. And Iím not out here to make new friends. Get it?"

"Yeah, I get it. Bitch," he muttered.

"Yeah," Rowena said, giving him a sarcastic grin. "I am. So deal with it."

Cut To:


Moscow Ė Train Aisle Ė Moments Later  - Night

"You okay?" Kennedy asked.

"Huh?" Rowena asked.

"I said, what side do you want to sit on?" Kennedy repeated as she walked behind Rowena down the narrow aisle.

"Oh, anywhere is fine."

Kennedy peeked behind one of the curtains. "Letís set up here," she said. "Itís empty, and itís close to the exits if we need it."

Rowena gave her a smile.

"What?" Kennedy asked.

"Just thinking," Rowena replied with a grin. "Youíre on the stick, so maybe weíll make it out of here after all."

"Thatís why the Council pays me the big bucks," Kennedy teased. "Come on," she said, motioning Rowena to follow her.

Cut To:


Watchers Council Ė Coven Room Ė Resume

"Giles, Iím not sure I understand," Willow told him.

"You can do it at any age, canít you?" he asked.

"Well, yeah butÖ" She let the sentence hang in her confusion.

"During the Crisis, demons were attacking watchers," he told her.

"And? Oh," she said, realizing.

"Oh, what?" Buffy asked.

"They followed Becca," Giles explained. "She had Elizabeth with her, and she was carrying Martin at the time."

"How do we know that Beccaís not a chosen watcher?" Buffy asked.

"We donít," Giles answered Buffy. "But if the children test positive, Iíll bring Becca by so that Willow can do the spell again, just to be sure. SheísÖsheís not what you might say Ďgung hoí about the idea of our children following in my footsteps, for obvious reasons." He then turned to Willow. "So will you do it please?"

"Are you sure you want to know, Giles?" Willow asked. "It might change the way you treat these kids, the way Becca treats them."

"I can handle it. As for Becca, I-I-Iíll deal with that when I mustÖbut for myself, for their future safety, I need to know."

"All right, Giles," Willow replied firmly. "Iíll start the spell, and once I point to you, step away from them as quickly as you can without alarming them."

"It wonít hurt, will it?" he asked.

Willow grinned at the concern he had for them. "No, itís a little scary when the big ball of light grabs ya, but no, no pain. So just be ready to wipe a few scared tears away, íkay?"

Giles nodded.

Cut To:


Watchers Council Ė Coven Room Ė Moments Later

Willow sat in a circle surrounded by candles, muttering her incantation with her eyes closed. She opened them slowly and pointed to Giles, who walked away swiftly from Elizabeth, who he was trying to keep occupied and away from the flames of the candles.

As he took a spot next to Buffy, a burst of light shot forth from Willowís fingers, flying across the room to the other side.

"Oh wow," Buffy said as she looked on with Giles, who looked concerned for a brief moment and then grinned before nodding his approval.

"Looks like you got your answer, Giles," Willow remarked with a grin.

Fade Out.


End of Act One

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