The V Word


Based on a sick dream by Zahir al Daoud
Written by Zahir al Daoud
Produced and Directed by Zahir al Daoud
Edited by Zahir al Daoud
Sounds by Zahir al Daoud
Art Direction by Zahir al Daoud
Artists – Zahir al Daoud

Fade in:
Willow & Rowena's Apartment Front Room – Day

"Look," said Xander as he entered through the front door, grocery bags in both arms, "I'm not saying it isn't a good show, in its way. Groundbreaking, sure. Got that. Topical. Yes. But c'mon, you gotta admit the show is also pretty much a soap opera."

"No," Willow answered. "It is weekly drama focusing on genuine issues and decisions facing the modern lesbian." She entered after Xander, and Rowena followed her.

"Plus lots of hot, gorgeous sex," offered Rowena.

"Well, yeah," said Willow.

"Oh – Yeah!" was Xander's response as he headed for the kitchen.

"But," Willow continued, "its also all the drama-y and issue-y things I said too, right?"

Rowena looked at Willow for half a second. Then passed her en route to the kitchen. "Sure," she said.


Cut to:
Kitchen – Continuous

Xander placed both grocery bags on the counter. He heaved a sigh and looked around. As he did so, his eye caught a flyer attached to the refrigerator via a magnet. While he walked over to read it, Rowena entered with Willow in her trail.

"How many TV shows deal with a transgendered person, answer me that!"

"I don't know, honey," said Rowena.

"Or deal with issues like parental rights of same-sex parents!"

"Don't watch that many shows, honey."

"Well, not a lot, let me tell you. So," Willow said, "What have you got against…"

"Nothing," said Rowena. "But I have seen better dramas. To be honest, I've seen better melodramas."


"Besides, that Jenny girl gives the creeps."

"Uh, guys?" Xander raised both his hand and his voice. They stopped speaking and looked at him. "Did one of you two put this here?"

Rowena and Willow joined Xander, looking at the flyer. It was four by five inches, with gothic letters in black on parchment stock:

"The Raven"
women looking for other women
can find them HERE

A banner reading "Grand Opening" in red took up one corner. In equally red lettering an address ran across the bottom.

"Uh, not me," said Willow.

"Me, neither," said Rowena. "Kinda sounds like fun, though."


"To go to, together, I mean. Doesn't it?"

"Well, maybe."

"So," Xander continued, "if neither one of you left it here, who does that leave?"

Rowena and Willow looked at each other. "Skye."

"And now the ten million dollar question," said Xander. "Why?"

No one said anything.

Cut to:
The Raven Nightclub – Same

The knocking on the front door continued for over a full minute before it opened. When the door swung open, a slender pale woman with dark hair and even darker eyes looked out. "We do not open until tomorrow," she said by rote, with a mild French accent.

"But Carmilla said this is where I was to come tonight," said the girl breathlessly. She also had an accent, in her case English. She had honey-blond hair in a long mane as well as huge blue eyes.

"What…? Who did you say?"

"Carmilla von Karnstein. She's an old family friend and said I might find a job here as a waitress."

"Really?" The dark woman's eyes traveled over the younger woman's hour-glass figure. "I've known Carmilla for a very long time."

"Oh! Are you Janette?"

The dark woman smiled. "Mais oui. Et vous?"

"Madeleine Smith," was the answer.

"You might do very nicely." She made a sweeping gesture. "Enter freely, ma petite."

"Thank you!"

Grinning, Madeleine entered into the shadowed interior of the club. She didn't see Janette's features change behind her – eyes turning gold, brow furrowing, and her teeth extending into fangs. "You're just in time for a drink," Janette murmured.

Fade Out.

End of Teaser
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