Sweet Little Lies

by CN Winters

Copyright © 2009


Sweet Little Lies

By CN Winters


Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: All non-original characters herein belong to persons such as Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, UPN, WB, 20th-Century FOX, and so forth, and not me. Original “Watchers” characters are the property of CN Winters and the “Watchers” staff.

Distribution: ask McBragg on the Watchers Forum since it’s his story.

Spoilers: through S2 of “Watchers”. Takes place after ‘Chapel of Love’.

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Pairing: Traditional Watchers pairings

Author’s notes: MCBragg, who matched the winning bid at our Writercon auction asked for a story centering around Giles and Kennedy and what happened after she found out Angel killed Jenny. Thanks for his patience in waiting while I’ve been working on Watchers too.

Summary: Giles tries to offer some insight into Kennedy’s birth mother, Jenny Calendar while going on a trip to face a demon.


Chapter 1


The knock at Kennedy’s door turned her head around. “Yeah? Who is it?” she asked.


There was a hesitation. “It’s Giles. May I come in?”


Giles stood outside her room and jumped slightly when the door opened swiftly in front of him.


“I see you’re back,” Kennedy said. “How was the honeymoon?” she added shortly.


“Wonderful,” he admitted, “but that’s not what I’m here to talk about. May I come in?”


“Suit yourself,” Kennedy said as she left the door opened and turned her back to him.


Giles moved inside and closed the door behind him. “Things were hectic and I didn’t get a chance to speak with you before Becca and I left, so I apologize.”


“Can’t say I feel too slighted. I mean you didn’t talk to anyone - just wrote a note and left. With all the crazy folks here I can’t say I really blame you,” she replied.


Giles wore a slight grin. “Yes, well, I just thought you might have some questions regarding Jenny a-and what happened with Angelus.”


“What’s to say?” Kennedy replied. “He killed her. You guys lied to me. End of story.”


“It’s not that simple,” Giles replied.


“Look, it’s over and done with. I can’t change it, nobody can, so let’s just drop it. Alright?”


“If that’s what you wish?” Giles answered.


“It is. Now is there anything else?” she asked.


With a sigh, Giles shook his head and made his way to the door. “If you change your mind…”


“I know where to find you,” Kennedy said cutting him short. “Thanks.”


Giles simply nodded and left the room, leaving Kennedy alone.


Chapter 2


“I just told her everything I knew,” Willow said to Giles as they sat in the Watchers rec room. “I told her that we dropped the ball.” Giles eyebrows frowned for an explanation and she went on. “After she started acting more mature we should have mentioned it, but it didn’t come up a-and we didn’t say anything.” Giles nodded. “I still think we made the right decision at the time Giles. With as angry as Kennedy was feeling then-.”


“She would have tried to find Angel and the consequences of such could have been very unfortunate…for her.”


“Right,” Willow agreed. “But we should have said something.”


Giles shrugged. “The only thing we…I can do is to try to set things right.”


“And how do you suggest you do that?”


“I’m not sure, but perhaps fate will lend a hand,” he replied.      


The next day the council members sat around the morning conference table.


“Anything further?” Giles asked.


Seated around him were Kennedy, Rowena, Willow, Faith and Robin.


Faith and Willow both shook their heads.


“I received an interesting call today,” Giles remarked.


“What’s up?” Faith asked.


“There are reports coming out of Akron about some activities concerning a MacGuffin. I’d like to handle it personally and bring a slayer with me to handle it.”


“A MacGuffin?” Rowena asked skeptically. “Isn’t that-?”


“Yes, a powerful demon, usually found in Ireland and Scotland,” Giles interrupted,  “and one that a watcher shouldn’t face alone,” he replied. “I’d like to take Kennedy with me on this mission if Faith can clear her schedule.”


“Fine by me,” Faith replied. Rowena continued to look at Giles with wonderment. She turned toward Willow to see the witch trying to hide her grin behind her hand.


“Good then, anything else?” he asked once more. When no one answered he said, “Meeting adjourned.”


Kennedy stood up to collect her notes and Giles called over. “I’d like to get this evening, so can you be ready before dinner. We’ll leave shortly after.”


“Yeah, sure,” Kennedy replied.


Once Kennedy, Faith and Robin left the room Rowena turned to Giles.


“MacGuffin?” she asked. “A dangerous demon you say?”


Giles gave her a guilt grin. “Don’t say anything,” he told her.


“And only Kennedy can help you.”


“You’re good Giles,” Willow complimented. “Now let’s hope she doesn’t do a search for the MacGuffin on-line before she leaves or she might change her mind.”


“Which is why we’re leaving right after dinner,” he told her as he picked up his items and went out the door.


Chapter 3


Kennedy sat on one side of the campfire in silence as Giles sat on the other. To the side was a medium sized tent. Absently, she poked the fire with a long stick.


“You resemble Jenny a great deal,” Giles seemed to say out of nowhere. When Kennedy didn’t reply or even look up, he continued. “You remind me of her in other ways too the more I think about it.”


Finally, Kennedy looked over. “And how’s that?” she asked.


“Right there,” Giles replied before starting to grin. “The set jaw, the short response. Jenny was rather good at keeping her guard up when she thought she had to…not unlike yourself.”


Kennedy tossed the stick to the ground. “I wouldn’t know. I never met the woman. And thanks to your slayer’s boy toy I never will.”


At first, Giles said nothing.


“He tortured me,” he said softly. “Did you know that?”


Kennedy looked up again. “Say what?”


“Angelus. After he killed Jenny he put her in my bed so I went to find him, to kill him. But I failed and he spent hours torturing me until Buffy got there…in fact, it was Xander who finally freed me.”


Kennedy gave a slight grin. “He’s good at that,” she said.


“What?” Giles asked.


“Sticking around to save people.”


“Yes, he has quite a brave soul,” Giles replied. “It could be said we both owe him our lives.”


A small silence passed between them and Kennedy sighed. “So this thing we’re supposed to be hunting…looks like a dragon you said?”


“It can be anything you want it to be,” Giles told her. “But I figured since we’re out here we’ll make the most of our time.”


“Look Giles,” she answered. “I’m not up for chit chat, okay? I just want to find this thing and go home.”


“Fair enough,” he replied.


Kennedy rose and picked up the crossbow beside her. “I’m gonna scout the area,” she told him.


He watched her walk away until she slipped from his sight. Once she was gone he reached into his back pocket and took out a picture. In the firelight, the image of Jenny reflected back toward him and he smiled.


Chapter 4


The next morning Giles and Kennedy walked through the backwoods – Kennedy in the lead and Giles following behind her.


“I’m glad you decided not to seek revenge on Angel,” Giles said cutting the silence.


“So you’re sweet on him too? Even after he killed my mother and tortured you?” Kennedy replied in a soft voice.


“No, he could burn in hell of all I care. I’m fond of you,” Giles replied. Kennedy stopped and turned around. Giles continued. “Angel has not survived for over 200 years on sheer luck alone young lady,” he said, his voice growing sterner. “And while I admit you are a tremendous slayer he has his skills too - all of which he would use if you tried to harm him.”


There was a moment of silence between them as Kennedy began walking again.


“What makes you think I still won’t go after him, huh?” she asked.


Giles took a deep breath and blew it out slowly. “I don’t. But I do hope you realize t-that you have people at the council who love you…myself included.”


Kennedy stopped walking and looked back at Giles again. “I’m gay Giles and you’re married now.”


Giles grinned. “That’s not what I meant and you know it.”


Kennedy began to crack a grin. “I know I’m just-.”


“Using humor as a defense mechanism. I recognize it.”


“Jenny again, right?” Kennedy asked. Giles simply nodded. “Yeah, well, I doubt there’s anyone at the council who would miss me much if I was gone.”


“Somehow I think this has something to do with Willow.” Kennedy didn’t reply to Giles comment. “Willow does care for you Kennedy. I would even say she loves you – just not the way you would like.”


“I’ve moved on,” Kennedy told him. “I’ve got Mia now so…that’s good.”


“But it’s not the same, is it?”


Kennedy didn’t say anything and she began to look around the trees surrounding them.


“If we keep up all this talking we’re going to chase this thing off.”


“I’m more worried about you at the moment,” Giles replied. “And as I said, you do have people at the Council, aside from Willow and myself, who care. I’d even go so far as to say that Faith is rather found of you too.”


“I’m really just a co-worker when it comes down to it. That’s all I am with any of them, Faith included.”


“You don’t honestly believe that, do you?”


“Some days,” Kennedy admitted. “Other days, no…It’s just…you guys all have a history together.”


“It seems you forget that we also have a history with you as well. It’s not as if you just arrived. And again, one of the key reasons we never spoke of what happened with Jenny is because we do care.”


“But I’m not a child Giles,” Kennedy countered.


“Not any longer, but at the time, you were acting very much like a spoiled brat. It was our error for not saying something when the timing was right.”


“So you didn’t plan on hiding this forever? Is that what you’re telling me?” Kennedy asked.


“That’s exactly what I’m saying. We had every intention of letting you know the complete story, but…”


“It didn’t work out the way you planned.”


“Not everything in life does my dear. I seriously thought Jenny would be someone I could spend the rest of my life with. But as it turns out…she spent the rest of her life with me. And for that…I’m sorry.”


“But you didn’t kill her Giles. That vamp SOB did,” Kennedy replied.


“True, but that doesn’t erase the guilt I feel. I-I think of all the things I should have done differently. Just because I’m with Becca now that doesn’t mean I stopped loving Jenny. But as I said, I know if I went after Angel it could end up hurting far more people.”


“yeah, Buffy wouldn’t like that very much.”


“I’m not talking about Angel, I’m talking about myself should I not survive, because like you, people also depend on me too.”


“I think you see me as having more friends than I do.”


“And I think you’re blind.” Kennedy cast a harsh glance at Giles. “Look, why don’t we split the difference and you consider that you do have people who are sorry they lost Jenny, but would be just as devastated – if not more - to lose you? Agreed?” Giles said holding out his hand.


Kennedy gave him a slight grin and gave his hand a shake.


Chapter 5


The sun has just begun to slip below the horizon. Giles still walked behind Kennedy. She stopped and turned to him.


“I’m not feeling anything evil out here Giles,” she said sounding defeated. “I think you brought the wrong slayer.”


“Well, let’s call it a night,” he replied. “It’s getting late and we should get back t-to camp soon anyway.” They both turned when Kennedy suddenly stopped. “What is it?” Giles asked.


“Wait a second. Something is here,” Kennedy replied as her eyes scanned the area.


“Where?” Giles asked as he too began to look around. 


“Not sure, but I can feel it,” she answered.


Kennedy suddenly pushed Giles to the ground as something seemed to fly and then take the shape of a man. He landed several feet away from the pair.


Kennedy and Giles eyes both widened. “Is that…?” Kennedy asked.


“Hello Rupert,” Angelus replied as he began to stroll closer. “I see you traded up slayers. Gotta say – the last one was cuter. Wonder if this one’s as good in bed?”


“Sorry,” Kennedy replied. “You’re not my type.”


“Why? You a dyke?”


Kennedy grinned slightly. “It’s the undead, no-pulse, scum-of-the-earth-thing actually. The fact you’re a male ranks pretty low on the list of ‘why not’s’.”


Angelus laughed. “This one’s got some bite to her. Where’d you find her, Rup?”


Kennedy’s retort was a crossbow bolt shot in his direction, but he caught it with ease. In a lightening fast movement he grabbed Kennedy and forced her arm to the tree. Then he drove the arrow-headed projectile through her pinned arm and into the tree.


Kennedy screamed out in pain, her limb inoperable.


“Now you stay here – I’ve got some catching up to do with an old friend,” he said as he looked over his shoulder at Giles.


Giles moved to his feet and pulled a stake out of his pocket. He lunged at Angelus who simply side stepped him and swatted the weapon from his hand. At the same time, Kennedy was tugging on the arrow, but it wouldn’t budge.


“Leave him alone!” Kennedy shouted.


Angelus swung at Giles and he managed to avoid the first blow. The second one, however, connected with Giles’s chin. Before he hit the ground Angelus caught him and hoisted him over his shoulder.


“Talk about having a glass jaw,” Angelus quipped as he began to walk deeper into the forest, taking Giles with him.


When Angelus started to slip from sight, Kennedy clinched her teeth tight and snapped off one end of the arrow. Taking a deep breath to ready herself she pushed her body forward, extracting her arm from the arrow.


Kennedy cried out in pain for only a moment and then fixed her eyes on Angelus’s retreating form. Blood poured down her arm, but it didn’t stop her from taking off in a full run toward the departing men.


The noise of Kennedy’s footsteps made Angelus turn around, but the sped of Kennedy’s stride worked to her advantage. Before he had a chance to react, Kennedy was already diving toward the two men.


The three of them went down in a heap. While Angelus tried to move to his feet Kennedy was already up, stake at the ready. She charged the vampire, but Angelus managed to flip her up and over his back before she could strike. She landed with a hard thud directly on her back, soundly knocking the wind out of her. She sat up and her throat made a noise as if it was struggling for air.


Although groggy, Giles began to come to again with a shake of his head. His eyes tried to focus on what was happening around him. He did his best to move to his feet, but Angleus just kicked him face first to the ground again and stalked over Kennedy.


“Why are you doing this? Why protect him?” Angelus asked. “He’s done nothing but lie to you since day one. He doesn’t think you’re slayer material – look at you now. Flat on your back and struggling to breath. He didn’t even think you were mature enough to handle the details of your mother’s death, which quite frankly was some of my best work…” Kennedy turned to Giles to see him looking away shamefully. “Of course,” Angelus continued, “maybe I should thank ole Rupert here. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten the chance to kill two generations in the same family. So get up slayer, teach me a lesson,” he taunted.


Kennedy stayed still for a short while, her expression unreadable. Before Angelus had time to blink she threw the stake in her hand, hitting his heart with deadly accuracy.


He looked down in amazement and then shattered into millions of dust particles.


Kennedy then looked over to Giles who was reclined on a tree trunk.


“That wasn’t really Angelus was it?” Kennedy asked.


Giles shook his head, still catching his breath. “No, it was the MacGuffin.”


Kennedy looked confused. “I thought a MacGuffin was something fictional, a plot device; something used to propel a story?” Giles looked surprised for a moment. “The name sounded familiar so I looked it up before we left,” she confessed.


“And you still came anyway?” Giles asked.


Kennedy shrugged. “I figured if you thought you had fooled me we’d have a chance to talk. I had no idea that MacGuffin’s are actually ‘real’ things.”


Giles nodded. “That’s a popular misconception. While the name is one-in-the-same, a MacGuffin is actually a demon - one that t-takes the shape and persona of what’s deep inside someone’s psyche…that’s what makes them so dangerous and why I needed you for this mission.”


“So I’d be killed?” Kennedy asked.


“No, so you could work through your anger over Jenny without being killed by the real Angelus, or Angel as he is right now,” he replied.


“So all that stuff it was saying…?”


“Was all in your head, yes,” Giles finished. “That’s why I brought you – I knew you’d survive and kill this demon. But the thoughts you have regarding my opinion of you aren’t entirely wrong. I did think you were too immature to handle all the details of Jenny’s demise at the time we discovered your identity. However… and prick up your ears because this is important… today I see the woman, and the slayer, who’s accomplished much with so much more to go…but only if you keep yourself alive and well.”


“So this really was just all in my head?”


“Yes, you believe that someone is going to fly in and take me away. I’m here to tell you that won’t happen Kennedy. I’ll be here when you need me… and I refuse to go even if you don’t want me around,” he explained and then grinned devilishly.


Kennedy grinned slightly and looked away. She pushed off the ground and at that point remembered her sore arm. She winced before walking over to Giles. She offered him her good hand and using a football style lift, she pulled him from the ground and to his feet.


“Now might be a good time to visit a hospital,” she replied.


“I concur,” Giles agreed with a slight smile. He went to take a step and stumbled slightly, but Kennedy managed to catch him. “Thank you,” he replied.


“So what do we tell them about this?” she asked as she pointed to the two of them.


“Well, I shot you on accident. I rushed to help and ran into a tree limb. End of story.”


“You’re good at keeping the council undercover, huh?”


Giles grinned. “I’ve learned a few things over the years,” he admitted. “I’d be happy to teach you what I know if you’d like to learn.”


Kennedy smiled. “Count me in.”


The End

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